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One. Abstract

A crosscut saw from crosscut saw manufacturers is a special hand saw designed to create crosscuts. A crosscut is an almost vertical cut that runs in the direction of the wood grain. If a tree is cut down, the crosscut will be the type of cut that goes directly on the trunk of the tree.

Wood grain is the texture, arrangement and overall appearance of a piece of wood. The wood grain can be straight, interlocking or spiral. There are also several unusual woodgrain types such as Stitched, Bird’s Eye, Curled, Toothless and Tiger. The ability of crosscut saw manufacturers to cut public property is especially advantageous when sawing logs and branches. It is also helpful for woodworking when shaping the wood in a specific way that requires following the wood’s natural grain. The teeth of the crosscut saw are angled back. The teeth on crosscut saws also have beveled edges. This design makes the crosscut saw act like a blade. Therefore, crosscut saws are able to cut through the wood, rather than tearing the wood like a rip saw.

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crosscut saw manufacturers The difference between a crosscut saw and a crosscut saw is that the cutting direction of a crosscut saw is parallel to the wood grain. A rip saw works more like a chisel in that it lifts up small pieces in order to cut through a piece of wood. Although slit saws and cross-cut saws work differently, they both produce neat cuts and are capable of cutting in straight lines.

After many uses, the blade of the crosscut saw becomes dull. If too much pressure is applied while sawing, the teeth on the crosscut blade may also break or chip or the blade may break completely. When this happens, it is necessary to replace the blade of the crosscut saw. This is achieved by unscrewing the blade from the frame of the crosscut saw and replacing it with a new blade.

Two. China shi kai niu crosscut saw features

  1. China shi kai niu, as a crosscut saw manufacturer, adopts dual servo drives, with sufficient power and good stability. Most machines on the market are single-drive.
  2. crosscut saw manufacturers saw blade drive adopts air-cooled spindle motor with adjustable speed. In the market, many machines still use a relatively low-priced belt motor to drive the saw blade, which is easy to tremble when cutting, which affects the accuracy.
  3. The tool swing head adopts servo motor to control the angle, which can be transversely cut, longitudinally cut or obliquely cut. Many machines are driven by a corner cylinder, which cannot be obliquely cut, and it is easy to produce gaps after a long time, which greatly affects the cutting accuracy.

Three. Advantages of crosscut saw

  1. The operation is simple. It only takes a few hours for a novice to operate a computer panel saw from a single stand. Therefore, from this point of view, in order to avoid the losses caused by the loss of personnel in the future, buy A self-operating saw is necessary.
  2. The price of crosscut saw manufacturers is affordable. At present, the price of a commonly used standard electronic saw is not high. For many users, even if they are just starting a business, they can choose it. This relatively good point increases their market share and users. of favor.
  3. Increase production capacity. For a manufacturing enterprise, the level of production capacity directly determines the size of the profit, and also directly affects whether the company can survive.
  4. The quality of the product is improved. The computer panel saw has a high degree of automation and is suitable for the processing and manufacturing of large quantities of products. The processing error is small, the appearance is high, and the precision is high, thereby improving the processing effect and enhancing the product competitiveness for users. , Sometimes whether an enterprise can go further, the quality of the product is the main factor, even if the price is more expensive.
  5. The error is small. It is inevitable that there will be errors in manual cutting, and sometimes there are injuries. However, when using a machine, the error is small.
  6. Good dust-proof effect: dust-proof facilities are used on the front and back of the pressure beam, crosscut saw manufacturers make the sawdust not fly when the saw car is running, and there are dust-absorbing facilities up and down to make the workshop environment cleaner.
  7. Simple maintenance: The machine is mature and stable, and simple maintenance such as changing saw blades and belts will teach users during installation and debugging.

There are many advantages of China shi kai niu crosscut saw manufacturers. Generally speaking, they have high precision, small error, small labor input, simple operation, small chance of failure, and the price is very economical. Ordinary workers can also operate it. Requires major technical personnel to operate.

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Four. Precautions in use

  • Crosscut saw manufacturers require that operators be familiar with the operation steps and methods of the equipment before they can operate on the machine to prevent equipment and personal injury accidents caused by misoperation.
  • After the device is ventilated and powered on, do not put your hands under the pressure plate and cutter to prevent injury to your hands.
  • The operator must wear gloves during operation.
  • crosscut saw manufacturers’ equipment must be grounded reliably.
  • When adjusting the pressure regulating valve, it should be pulled outwards and then rotated. Turn clockwise to open, and do not turn it forcibly to avoid damage to the pressure regulating valve.
  • When the trachea is pulled out of the quick connector, the plastic ring of the connector should be pressed down before the trachea can be pulled out. Do not pull it forcibly to avoid damage to the connector.
  • The pole pieces with creases or unevenness generally do not need to be cut by this machine. Otherwise, it is easy to cause dimensional errors.
  • crosscut saw manufacturers require that the air expansion shaft be held by hand when taking and unwinding the core to avoid twisting the gland.
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