What You Need To Know About Wood Cutting

one. introduction

Wood is a magical thing. After the wood is cut, it will change and shrink/expand/twist.

Imagine if your desktop is 1 meter wide, under the influence of expansion (spring/summer) and contraction (autumn/winter), a 2% change equals 2cm. In addition to the impact on appearance, the change is likely to destroy The structure of the table and causes the whole table to fall apart! So, we have to learn how to handle wood.

We must first learn the correct way to open wood cutting. For the same piece of wood, the internal structure and texture arrangement are fixed. Still, different cutting methods will allow us to see other wood grains, obtain different physical properties, and significantly affect the future wood changes. Impact.

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Two. wood cutting method

There are three main types: 1. String cut; 2. Engraved cut; 3. Diameter cut.

1. String cut

Chord cutting is a radius of wood cutting that is perpendicular to the trunk section along the central axis of the trunk or the direction of the wood grain. The different lines of the chord section can be used as one of the bases for identifying wood.

The chord cut, also known as the flat saw, is the easiest and most cost-effective method for lumber mills. Cutting parallel through the trunk, flat sawing the board width, is relatively easy and causes minimal waste. This is one of the reasons why most wood cutting machines on the market use string cutting boards. The texture produced by this cutting method is also what we often call “large pattern”, “strong wood grain,” “landscape texture,” and so on.

2. Diameter cut

The methods of diameter cutting and engraving are similar. The wood cutting method is perpendicular to the section of the annual wood ring, and the texture of the efficient wood cutting surface is straight, and the wood is relatively challenging to deform. Compared with chord and engraved cutting, radial cutting causes the most waste and the highest cost. The wood grain produced by this processing method is more straight.

3. Carved

Carving is the first to divide the log into four parts. The wood cutting method is perpendicular to the section of the annual wood ring, the texture of the cutting surface is straight, and the wood is relatively challenging to deform. The wood produced by this process is straightforward and has a unique pith pattern.

Compared with string cutting, the wood cutting machine of engraving is more troublesome, and at the same time, it will cause more waste, so the cost is slightly higher. The modern method will save a lot by comparison, but it is still more expensive than the string cut.

Three. wood cutting machine

Wood cutting is an essential process with the most significant proportion in wood processing. Its cutting quality impacts subsequent operations such as gluing, splicing, and surface decoration.

Therefore, any furniture factory hopes to be equipped with a cutting machine that has the excellent cutting quality and is easy to operate and labor-saving.

The appearance of wood cutting machine improves the quality and precision of the production veneer and dramatically enhances the production efficiency and the degree of automation of the whole machine. A rotary cutting machine is one of the top pieces of equipment for producing plywood. The rotary cutting machine is divided into a card rotary cutting machine and a non-card rotary cutting machine. The card rotary cutting machine is suitable for large diameter wood, and the non-card rotary engraving machine is used for small diameter wood.

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Four. Principle of wood cutting machine

The wood cutting machine cardless rotary cutting machine is essential for plywood production line or veneer production line. The wood core within a specific diameter range is rotary cut into veneers of different thicknesses, and the rotary cutting diameter is small.

The rotary cutter is used to rotary cut wood segments into veneers. The general method of rotary cutting is: the left and right clamping shafts clamp the two ends of the wood segment and drive it to rotate, and the blade of the rotary knife installed on the tool bed is parallel to the axis of the clamping shaft and feeds along its vertical direction, along the path of the annual ring of the wood segment. Rotary cut out the veneer of equal thickness.

Whether it is rotary cutting at constant speed or rotary cutting at constant linear velocity, to obtain a veneer with a certain thickness, the feed of the tool bed should remain unchanged for each rotation of the chuck shaft and the feed amount is equal to that of the veneer. Nominal thickness. By changing this feed, surfaces of different thicknesses can be obtained.

Five. Features of wood cutting machine

  1. The wood cutting saw blade is under the work surface, making the sawing process safer
  2. Pressing wheel system: 8 sets of pressing wheel devices to ensure stable transportation of staff during the conveying process
  3. Double-width combined feeding track, toothed shape, more accurate, save material, can process wider workpieces, and trim more accurately and smoothly
  4. Lubrication system: The automatic oil filling system supplements the lubrication required by the track and guide rail to increase the machine’s service life. LED display can know the status of lubrication
  5. Electric lifting and lowering of the pressing box (optional)
  6. The wood cutting table has built-in rollers, convenient for extensive material processing and returning.
  7. The positioning device of the backing plate can adjust the sawing width: the cast iron backing plate slides smoothly on the precisely machined round tenon and can be quickly and exactly fixed, improving the positioning and setting and the best trimming effect
  8. Infrared alignment device, so that the accurate position can be found when woodcutting, and the work efficiency can be improved
  9. Anti-rebound device completely protects the operator

With the advancement of science and technology, the requirements for wood cutting technology have become higher and higher, such as high-speed cutting, chipless cutting, vibration cutting, laser cutting, hydraulic cutting, heating wire cutting, ultra-high frequency electromagnetic radiation cutting, etc. The new cutting method will receive further attention. China shi kai Niu, as the wood cutting machine manufacturer, will also promote its development and application of the wood cutting machine.

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