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Drive the innovation of smart tenon joints and build a model of the smart industry together.

Suzhou shikainiu CNC Equipment Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise in Jiangsu Province. The company inherits the traditional Chinese furniture manufacturing technology and reproduces various tenon and mortise processes through modern equipment. The main products are optimizing sawing, tenon and mortise production, door and window production.

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Our advantage

Technical advantages

The operation of the equipment is simple and easy to learn, the processed products are of high quality, diversified, and the control system is more advanced. Product processing is more efficient.

Selected accessories

The suppliers of the main parts of our equipment are well-known brands at home and abroad. The quality of the equipment is better, more stable, and more durable.

After-sales advantages

The professional after-sales team solves after-sales problems for customers in a timely and perfect manner, and regularly visits customers, upgrades the system, and teaches twice.

R & D advantages

In-depth cooperation and development of controller manufacturers, senior mechanical development designer team, senior automation development engineer.

our certificates

Shikainiu is an excellent company with many years of experience in the furniture and tenon and tenon processing equipment industry, and is a technology leader in China’s furniture and tenon and tenon processing equipment industry. Focus on the research and development of furniture tenon and tenon processing equipment, respect and protect intellectual property rights.

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Shikai Niu CNC is a leading manufacturer of furniture mortise and tenon structure processing equipment, providing customers with a full range of software and hardware, system integration solutions and professional tenon and mortise customization services, and guarantees the efficient operation of equipment with advanced technology.



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We are trusted by more than 10,000 clients

Suzhou shikainiu CNC Equipment Co., Ltd. is trusted by different companies at home and abroad. Since 2015, shikainiu CNC Equipment has provided professional services and products to more than 1,000 customers.