Wood drilling machine

sk3 3828 38312 720

Multi row slot hole machining center

    SK3-3828 is a high-speed mortise and tenon processing center developed specifically for this purpose. It is more convenient and user-friendly to operate. It can …

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cnc 1225 j

Wood Drilling Machine

CNC-1225-J is a high-speed mortise and groove processing center, which is developed in a directional research way. It is more convenient and humanized to operate. It can produce many kinds of structures, covering the conventional mortise and groove structures on the market, and supports customization.

The production and processing are all modularized, no need to calculate the processing data, only need to input the material specifications and other data.

Merging the mortise and groove processing technology into one equipment (continuous upgrading), which is widely used in the production and processing of furniture mortise and groove.

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