CNC optimizing wood sawing machine /Automatic Cut off Saw

Product Description

CNC optimizing wood sawing machine /Automatic Cut off Saw  SD-265L is a closed-loop servo control system with high precision feedback. It can realize step-less speed control within the allowable range of working conditions. It can not only ensure the feeding speed and accuracy, but also change the sawing speed according to the wood material.

Features of CNC optimizing wood sawing machine SD-265

  1. CNC optimizing wood sawing machine /Automatic Cut off Saw SD-265L adopts human-computer interaction of Windows Dell brand computer, which is simple to use and easy to operate
  2. The computer can be connected to the Internet or USB flash drive to realize data interaction and code scanning processing.
  3. CNC optimizing wood sawing machine SD-265L adopts a parent saw blade, which effectively prevents the plate from being clumsy.
  4. The feeding platform can be customized to realize servo control automatic feeding.
  5. Support bar code printing. After sawing is completed, the barcode of the corresponding material can be automatically printed.
  6. High-speed clamping feeding and scanning components, automatically scan the material length, and automatically feed and process in the right position.
  7. The CNC optimizing wood sawing machine SD-265L has an optional dual-screen display. The corresponding specifications are displayed at the discharge port for easy barcode posting.
  8. CNC optimizing wood sawing machine SD-265L adopts branded sports parts, high precision, high service life, stable operation.


Introduction to CNC optimizing wood sawing machine /Automatic Cut off Saw  SD-265L

CNC optimizing wood sawing machine /Automatic Cut off Saw SD-265L is a closed-loop servo control system with high precision feedback. It can realize step-less speed control within the allowable range of working conditions. It can not only ensure the feeding speed and accuracy, but also change the sawing speed according to the wood material.
The CNC optimizing wood sawing machine SD-265L system uses a computer, measuring sensor, servo drive, sawing module and other high-end hardware to form a complete sawing system. The machine automatically measures the length, calculates automatically intelligently and automatically feeds the sawing to achieve the highest output rate. It also supports a printing module that automatically prints labels with corresponding information (such as customer information, plate information, etc.) after sawing.

The simple PLC system, although it is a fool’s modular operation, has high requirements for early developers and is difficult to upgrade remotely. After independent research and development, the CNC optimizing wood sawing machine SD-265L is simpler to operate, lower technical requirements for personnel, and can connect with upstream and downstream design systems to realize barcode printing. CNC optimizing wood sawing machine SD-265L variable cutting speed and stroke, precise and fixed length preferred cutting saw. The equipment adopts imported electric spindle, high-end absolute servo, Taiwan transmission system, Japanese imported electrical components, German fluorescence sensor probe scanning and US imported distance detection scanning and other high-end equipment.

  • CNC optimizing wood sawing machine SD-265L’s special design can adapt to harsh working environments, stable working performance; operation interface with operation guide;
  • Accurate statistical information on timber makes it easier to manage the supply of timber;
  • It can be placed in the production office and controlled remotely via a data cable, making the production process more clear at a glance;
  • The CNC optimizing wood sawing machine SD-265L version is suitable for various sawing modes for different needs;
  • CNC optimizing wood sawing machine SD-265L combines a variety of preferred and regular length cutting into one device, which can be applied to the production and processing of various linear wood and furniture.


Equipment parameters

  • Device Size: 5310 (L) *1910 (W) *1740 (H)
  • Processing material size: 3100 (L) *260 (W) *60 (H)
  • Equipment weight: 2500Kg
  • Voltage/frequency/power: 380v/ 50Hz/ 10Kw
  • Vacuum port: Φ100*4
  • X axis, feed shaft: 60 m/min
  • Y axis, cutting axis: 1~10 m/min
  • Repeated positioning accuracy: ±0.1
  • Air pressure 0.5~0.8Mpa, φ10 trachea
  • Blade specification (double saw blade): Φ25.4, 190mm/Φ25.4, 350mm
  • Spindle speed/shaft diameter: 4000 rpm/φ30
  • Lubricant: Hv32
  • Dell-branded computer+Dell display: Dell 3080mff, 128G+WiFi+8G
  • Gear rack: 2 die finish milling stage
  • Guide rail: TBI brand
  • Servo motor: 750W+850W
  • Sawing motor: 0.75Kw+7.5Kw flange type three-phase asynchronous motor


cnc optimizing wood sawing machine sd 265l


The important role of CNC optimizing wood sawing machine in solid wood furniture materials

In the production of solid wood furniture, productivity has a serious impact on costs. As the first step in the process, the quality of the batching process directly affects the yield and subsequent processing. How to improve the efficiency of the batching process can be analyzed from the two aspects of batching method and batching equipment.

Method of ingredients for solid wood

Traditional ingredients

Traditional batching methods for the production of solid wood furniture are horizontal and vertical methods, pre-planning methods, scribing methods, and splicing methods. According to the general mode of operation: the production department issues production tasks to the batch group, which arranges production tasks for each worker or station according to the task. This traditional processing process is influenced by workers’ experience and technology. The randomness is quite large, and production is difficult to control.

Modern ingredients

There are two main types of research on modern ingredient calculation methods: one is that large parts can be cut with different specifications; the other is for ingredients of small specifications. After plate grading, the data is cut off for subsequent trimming and finger-opening processes of enterprises.
Only a few people participated in the production line of the preferred raw material process. In this process, the computer in the preferred saw can help people complete the analysis and optimization of statistical data, independently transmit, process and output the data, and greatly improve the production efficiency and processing quality.

Solid wood batching equipment

There are many equipment involved in the batching stage, mainly according to the needs of solid wood furniture factories. In the modern batching process, the two core devices are preferably cross-cutting circular saws and preferably multi-saw circular saws, which correspond respectively to cross-cutting circular saws and multi-saw circular saws in traditional devices.

Characteristics of traditional batching equipment

The utility model is mainly used for lengthening materials. Although the blade spacing can be adjusted, the adjustment process is time-consuming and laborious, affecting accuracy. It is not easy to calculate, manage and process, and on average 8% of the wood is wasted.
The circular saw machine is mainly used for cross material, and the whole processing process is controlled manually. The output rate is unstable and low, and production is difficult to control.

Characteristics of modern batching equipment

Preferably, a multi-blade circular saw machine avoids the defects of these wood products in the most economical way, so that raw materials can be used rationally in economic development, and the output rate is greatly increased.
Unlike sectional circular saws, the best optimization scheme is obtained by comparison, and the cutting precision, processing quality and processing speed are all superior to that of the sectional circular saw machine, thereby improving efficiency and greatly improving yield.


CNC optimizing wood sawing machine SD-265L Selective Cutting Saw

Selective cutting saw SD-2605L is the best cutting saw with variable cutting speed and stroke, fixed length and precision. Combines functions such as selection, cutting length, and material calculation into a single unit that can be used for the production and processing of various linear wood and furniture.

CNC optimizing wood sawing machine SD-265L has a production capacity of 3-6 times that of a manual cutting saw, and cutting waste can be automatically discarded. The optimized function can achieve the highest output rate, greatly improving production efficiency.

After importing data analysis, the BOM list can be optimized through Skyniu Direct software design to reduce student errors and achieve absolute cutting accuracy and cutting quality in China.

The application of a conventional device and a preferred device can have completely different effects, and of course, both have their own basic conditions. Under the modern production model, to fully implement enterprise production management informatization, the main differences between the two types of equipment are as follows:

  1. Process: It is mainly reflected in automation.
  2. Flexibility: Although traditional mixing techniques are flexible, they cannot precisely control the manual work. Optimize the whole process of computer-controlled sawdust batching, providing a variety of ingredients, accurate and flexible control.
  3. Wood yield: The wood yield in the traditional batching process is low, and the preferred cross saw greatly improves the wood yield.
  4. Production management efficiency: When production development needs continue to change, preferred sawing technology enterprises can respond quickly and adjust to the optimal ingredient production in time.
  5. Safety level: Saw-shaped ingredients are easy to operate, and have advantages over personnel safety and traditional batching technology in equipment use and maintenance.

In order to survive, manufacturing enterprises must meet the individual needs of the market. Traditional production models are difficult to meet the needs of small batches, and even more need to realize the application of information technology and CNC equipment.

The difference between CNC optimizing wood sawing machine and a cross-sectional circular saw is that the scanning device records information such as the sawable length and grade of the plate, and compares it with the information in the database to obtain the best optimization solution. The preferred saw surpasses the simple calculation of manual material selection in hierarchical sorting and matching of long and short materials. Its sawing accuracy, processing quality, processing speed, etc. are also superior to that of a cross-sectional circular saw machine, improving efficiency and greatly improving the output rate. At the same time, after the material is sawed, it will be sorted and stacked by the pusher. It can also be combined with the automatic scanning system to avoid manual wire drawing. CNC optimizing wood sawing machine takes full advantage of CNC technology to maximize economic benefits.

Preferably crosscutting saw not only has strong processing capabilities, but also different preparation methods (such as length optimization mode, value optimization mode, grade optimization mode, secondary preparation feature optimization, etc.) can be selected to meet different needs in production and make production more “intelligent”.

The operation mode and workflow of traditional material preparation are generally: the production department issues production tasks to the batching group, the preparation team arranges the production tasks of each worker or the production tasks of each station according to the task, the workers complete the production tasks with experience, the statisticians or team leaders count the production completion status, and the production department summarizes them. The traditional ingredient processing process is influenced by workers’ experience and technology. Its randomness is quite large, and production is difficult to control. As can be seen from the preparation equipment, the processing accuracy of the ingredients is low and the controllability of the batching process is poor.

Only a few people participated in the production line of Preferred Material Preparation Technology. The computer in the preferred saw can assist people to complete analysis, optimization, statistics, etc., and independently carry out data transfer, processing and output, and greatly improve production efficiency and processing quality. At the same time, the use of informatization not only enables preferred saws to respond quickly to changes in production volume and production requirements (such as orders or changes in delivery dates, can be completed on time, quality and quantity), which helps to solve the contradiction between the market needs of small-batch and multi-variety furniture and large-scale production, but also organically combines production organization and management functions to form an integrated furniture enterprise management information system, and further supports furniture Enterprise development provides business intelligence and decision support capabilities.



Flexible production

While traditional preparation technology is flexible, it is uncontrollable and flexible. Instead, it consumes a lot of time, labor and site resources, and is inefficient, and does not meet the requirements of modern production. Preferred sawing materials can be adapted to processing multi-specification and multi-grade raw material preparation, and provides a variety of preparation solutions, and is controllable, orderly and flexible.


Attendance rate

Manual control in traditional preparation technology greatly affects the yield rate of wood. The more specifications, the more obvious the disadvantages of manual labor in memory and calculation. The preferred cross-sectional saw optimizes the size between wood defects to the specifications of the parts. Its processing accuracy is ±0.8 mm, and is equipped with a fully automatic scanner for scribing recognition, which greatly improves the wood output rate. In their research, scholars have verified with data that pine furniture companies produce raw materials of the same grade and specifications, and that the wood output rate of CNC optimizing wood sawing machine cross-sectional circular saws increased by 10%.


Production efficiency

When production demand changes, the preferred sawing technology can respond quickly and adjust to the optimal preparation production in time, that is, the process is relatively stable. At the same time, the feed speed of the preferred saw can reach 60 m/min, and only 0.1 s is required for one sawing, which is fast and saves time for additional work such as wood classification and stacking.

Level of safety

CNC optimizing wood sawing machine preparation is relatively easy to operate, and the entire production line keeps the operator away from the saw blade. Both the safety and security of the operator and the use and maintenance of the equipment are superior to traditional preparation technology.

Personnel requirements

Traditional material preparation requires operators to be familiar with the size of the parts produced, the specifications and grades of the plates, so that it is possible to achieve a high-yield preparation scheme; preferably cross-cutting saws can perform these technical tasks by computer systems, and feeding, stacking, and marking scars can be done by machines, and the operator only needs to monitor the entire unmanned processing process.



  1. Production information: Traditional preparation technology mainly uses empirical data and conservative estimates to manage spare material production. Processing completion is also based on manual statistics, long cycle and inaccurate data; preferably saw materials can be statistically and analyzed, and connected to the enterprise’s server to obtain accurate processing information and feedback statistics and tables.
  2. Personnel management: Preferring sawing technology can save a large number of workers, and the reduction of personnel will greatly reduce the difficulty of personnel management.
  3. Inventory management: Preferred sawing technology greatly reduces the generation of waste, thereby reducing unnecessary inventory; the amount of surplus stock generated in traditional preparation technology is difficult to control, with many specifications and chaotic storage.
  4. Workshop environment management: In traditional cross-sectional circular saw processing, materials are generally classified and stacked first; the CNC optimizing wood sawing machine system can automatically stack according to the material specification grade.

Manufacturing enterprises must meet the individual needs of the market for their own survival. This needs to adapt to the multi-variety and small-batch furniture production mode, which is reflected in the preparation process, which is efficient and flexible, and can provide a variety of preparation methods to ensure quality and quantity to ensure delivery time. Traditional production models are difficult to meet this demand, which requires informatization and the use of numerical control equipment.
CNC equipment must be based on information-based management to give full play to its greatest advantage. Currently, we still mainly focus on discrete production lines with stand-alone manpower. Modern preparation production lines, a set of equipment is expensive, and furniture companies need to judge according to their own circumstances. CNC optimizing wood sawing machine SD-265L can increase the output rate of wood by about 10%. Based on the solid wood consumption of the enterprise in one year or January, we can compare the cost saved by the preferred saw with the equipment investment of the preferred saw to calculate the size of the enterprise suitable for the preferred saw.


Company Profile

Drive the innovation of smart tenon joints and build a model of the smart industry together.

Suzhou shikainiu CNC Equipment Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise in Jiangsu Province. The company inherits the traditional Chinese furniture manufacturing technology and reproduces various tenon and mortise processes through modern equipment. The main products are optimizing sawing, tenon and mortise production, door and window production.

Female Factory Worker Operating Boring Mill at Factory

Equipment Safety Operation Details

  1. Before leaving the factory, the parts installed on the tenon and mortise equipment should not be disassembled at will without the knowledge or permission of the woodworking equipment dealer.
  2.  The operator must be familiar with the performance, operation, and maintenance methods of the tenon-and-mortise equipment. Strictly abide by the safety operation rules of CNC equipment. Do not operate the machine without professional training.
  3. Ensure that there are no obstacles around the equipment before running, and operate in strict accordance with the boot sequence in the machine manual.
  4. Maintenance, refueling, cleaning and adjustment during operation are not allowed when the machine is in operation.
  5. During the operation of the equipment, the operator is not allowed to leave the post, and the machine tool will stop working immediately if it finds any abnormal phenomenon, and carry out maintenance.
  6. The air source of the equipment should be kept dry, and the air gun should be free of water when cleaning the equipment.
  7. The machine operator must wear protective equipment to ensure safety before using the machine. Gloves, scarves, etc. are not allowed to operate.
  8. Do not stand around and watch at both ends of the equipment, and do not lean over and watch the action of the cutter head during processing.
  9. During processing, you must pay attention to the position of the presser foot and the position of the discharge to prevent personal injury when pressing the material.
  10. When mortise and tenon is machined, the dust cover must be put down to prevent personal injury caused by the accidental entry of the body parts.
  11. When unloading, do not put your hands near the presser foot presser.
  12. It is forbidden to release the rotating spindle, workpiece, or other moving parts by hand or in any other way.
  13. During the operation of the machine tool, do not remove chips, and avoid touching the moving parts of the machine tool with your hands; when removing chips, use certain tools to avoid chips from cutting your fingers.
  14. Generally, two people are not allowed to operate the machine at the same time. However, when a job requires two or more people to complete it together, attention should be paid to coordinating the actions with each other.
  15. The operator must stop and turn off the inverter power when changing tools, workpieces, adjusting workpieces, or leaving the machine tool.
  16. If it is found that the lathe operates abnormally or malfunctions during the tenon-and-mortise machining process, stop the machine immediately to check to avoid danger.

Equipment Care Instructions

  1. Always keep the work surface free of sawdust to affect the accuracy of the material.
  2. Keep the environment around the equipment tidy and clean the machine frequently.
  3. Clean the dust trough of the equipment after every two hours of operation.
  4. Clean the whole machine once every working day.
  5. Confirm the oiling of tenon and tenon mechanical equipment every day, and the screw, guide rail, slider, etc. must be guaranteed to have lubricating oil.
  6. Clean the interior of the fuselage once a week with wood ash.


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