How to operate CNC cutting wood sawing machines

1.What is a sawing machine

Machines powered by motors or engines that cut out grooves using bar saws or disc saws for repeated or rotary cutting. A sawing machine uses a circular saw blade, saw band, or saw blade as a tool to cut metal round materials, squares, pipes, and profiles.


The appearance of the CNC woodworking band saw can be divided into two parts, the saw head, and the feeding platform. In the process of working, the feeding platform is responsible for moving wood, and the direction of movement is front and rear movement and left and right action. The main function of the CNC woodworking recasting band saw machine is to cut bending materials, relying on the twist of the saw head to make various bending materials.

optimizing sawing
optimizing sawing

2.Composition of CNC cutting wood sawing machines


  1. Saw head: A full joinery band saw head, including the motor part.
  2. Bearing: The bearing goes without saying that it is the part responsible for the torsion of the saw head. This bearing is the largest in the whole machine. It is made of stainless steel casting, which is related to the smooth operation of the entire device.
  3. Base: The base of the saw head is an important part. The stable base of the machine ensures the safety of mechanical work. The design of different bases according to the creation of each CNC band saw is also different, but the main function of the floor is to ensure the stability of the machine.


3.Working principle of CNC cutting wood sawing machines


The hydraulic transmission system consists of a hydraulic circuit composed of pumps, valves, cylinders, oil tanks, pipelines, and other components. Through the speed control valve, the feed speed can be adjusted stepless to meet the sawing needs of different materials of workpieces.


The electrical control system consists of a control circuit composed of an electric box, a control box, a junction box, a stroke switch, an electromagnet, etc., which is used to control the rotation of the saw blade, the lifting of the saw beam, the clamping of the workpiece, etc.


4.Characteristics of CNC cutting wood sawing machines

  1. The man-machine interface replaces the traditional control panel mode, digital setting of sawing parameters, PLC programmable controller, flexible setting, and switching of sawing modes.
  2. After the machine tool is set parameters, it has the functions of automatic clamping, automatic tool feeding, automatic rapid rise after cutting (i.e., retracting), automatic feeding through mechanical, electrical, and hydraulic, without manual operation.
  3. The cutting feed of the machine tool can be stepless speed regulation within a given range.
  4. Hydraulic feeding is used for working feed, the grating ruler controls feeding positioning, positioning error <0.02mm
  5. The rise and fall movement of the saw frame adopts hard chrome plated cylinders with high precision.
  6. Stepless speed regulation of line speed of cnc optimizing wood sawing machines
tenon and tenon processing equipment work shop
tenon and tenon processing equipment work shop

5.The advantages of CNC cutting wood sawing machines are

  1. SHI KAI NIU cnc optimizing wood sawing machines adopts high-efficiency and energy-saving controller with simple design of circuit board and excellent space for electrical box, which can not only ensure low failure of the machine but also easy maintenance. It adopts precise grating control and high feeding accuracy..
  2. The CNC sawing machine adopts double-column structure, combined with a large diameter and extra-long slide sleeve, to form a stable sawing structure, which ensures the accuracy of the guide structure, and the sawing is stable and reliable.
  3. When sawing different materials, changing the CNC program is generally only necessary, which greatly saves the production preparation time.
  4. Automatic feeding, unloading, measuring, clamping, and discharging are high, greatly reducing labor costs.
  5. It has the characteristics of high precision and high rigidity, can choose favorable processing dosage, and has high production efficiency, 3-5 times that of an ordinary band sawing machine.
  6. Using an intelligent man-machine interface, the machine operation is very simple and efficient. Once the machine has abnormal information and troubleshooting instructions, it will automatically display.
  7. CNC cutting wood sawing machines can greatly improve labor productivity.
  8. High processing precision and stable processing quality.
  9. It has strong adaptability to processing objects, has the characteristics of adapting to one-piece production of molds and other products, and provides suitable processing methods for mold manufacturing.
  10. Digital information and standard codes are used to process and transmit data, and computer control methods are used.


6.How to operate CNC cutting wood sawing machines

  1. Before an operation, wear tight protective clothing, and tight cuffs; the top hem cannot be opened, gloves are strictly forbidden, and must not be worn, undressed, or wrapped around the body to prevent the machine from entering strangling. A hard hat must be worn, braids should be placed inside the cap, and no skirts or slippers should be worn.
  2. Make all preparations before starting the CNC sawing machines, and install the vise so that the sawing center is in the middle of the sawing stroke. The raw material is placed horizontally on the vise at a right angle to the saw blade; if you want to saw the bevel material, adjust the vise to the required angle first, and the sawing size shall not be greater than the maximum sawing size of the machine tool.
  3. The saw blade must be tightened. The test run idles for 3-5 minutes before sawing to blow out the air in the hydraulic cylinder and the oil grooves on the hydraulic transmission. Check whether the saw machine is faulty and the normal lubricating oil circuit.
  4. Sawing pipes or sheet profiles, the tooth pitch should not be less than the thickness of the material. When sawing, the handle should be retracted to a quiet position and reduce the amount of feed.
  5. In operation, the sawing machine cannot change speed in the middle. The sawdust should be corrected, clamped, and stuck. The feed amount is determined according to the material hardness and saw blade quality.
  6. Special hydraulic oil and lubricating oil must be used in the hydraulic transmission and lubrication device, and the coolant must be cleaned and replaced or filtered periodically.
  7. When the material is about to be sawed, strengthen observation and pay attention to safe operation.
  8. If a fault is found during the operation of the machine tool, it should stop immediately and be reported to the construction and security department to send a mechanic to repair it.
  9. When the work is complete, cut off the power, put each joystick back to the vacant position, and do a good job of cleaning. CNC sawing machine for manual sawing
optimizing cross cut saw 3
optimizing cross cut saw 3

7. How to operate CNC cutting wood sawing machines

  1. After starting the system, but the selector switch is in the manual state, enter the manual screen, press the “oil pump motor” button to start the oil pump, raise the sawing machine to the upper limit, and tighten the saw belt.
  2. Loosen the vise to place the workpiece on the workbench, press the “Feed” button, and adjust the workpiece to the sawing size. Then press the “front clamp” button; after clamping the workpiece, press the “saw wheel motor” to start the saw belt rotation (at this time, you can adjust the speed through the speed adjustment knob on the operation panel),
  3. Adjust the speed control valve knob to a suitable lowering speed and press “Work Feed.” At this time, the sawing machine works, and after sawing is completed, the band sawing machine will automatically reset.
  4. The process of CNC sawing wood sawing machines can press the “manual pause” button to realize the saw frame stop falling and saw wheel rotation, and the “total stop” button can realize shutdown, eliminate all working states.
  5. After the saw band is broken, the CNC sawing machine will automatically pause. At this time, you can press the “Quick Exit” button to raise the saw frame, then replace the saw blade, tighten the saw band and press the “Manual Continue” button to continue working.
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