Features of cross cutting machine for wood


What is the principle of cross cutting machine for wood? What are the characteristics? Many furniture used in everyone’s life will be made of wood, so the cross cutting machine for wood will be the machine that many manufacturers will choose.


What is a cross cutting machine for wood? The cross cutting machine is a kind of slitting equipment, which is widely used for cutting corrugated cardboard. Its technical quality and performance can directly affect the quality of the product. Cross-cutting machines can be divided into mechanical cross-cutting machines and computer-controlled crosscutting machines, which are divided due to the different control methods of their transmission. So what are the characteristics of the crosscutting machine? How is it going?


The cross cutting machine for wood is one of the important stand-alone machines for corrugated board production lines. Due to different transmission control methods, the cross cutting machine is divided into mechanical cross cutting machine and computer controlled cross cutting machine. The computer cross cutting machine is controlled by industrial control computer. According to the set length, the knife shaft is controlled to cut off the cardboard, and the precision transmission of the mechanical part can control the paper cutting error within ±1mm. Computer-controlled cross cutting machines include spiral knife cross cutting machine and straight knife cross cutting machine. The screw knife cross cutting machine is more suitable for high-speed thick cardboard cutting, stable paper cutting, and long blade life.

mortise and tenon machining center work shop
mortise and tenon machining center work shop

2.Classification of cross cutting machine for wood


A mechanical cross cutting machine is a kind of cross cutting machine for wood that is transmitted by traditional mechanical means. Its characteristics are:


  1. The transmission can be adjusted directly by hand so that the speed of the information can be changed to change the required length of the cardboard.
  2. The gear of the cutter roller of the cross cutting machine is equipped with a parallel device and a distance adjustment device, which can ensure the stability of the cross cutting machine during operation, so as to ensure the quality of the cross cutting.
  3. The power of the cross cutting machine is controlled and input by the main transmission, so that the design can make the cross cutting machine have good synchronization effect and high accuracy.
  4. The mechanical cross cutting machine adopts double crank speed regulation design, so that the knife shaft rotates at a non-uniform speed.


However, mechanical cross-cutting machines require labor and material resources, have certain dangers during use, and are complicated to operate, so they gradually disappear from the market.


The computer-controlled crosscutting machine has also become an automated crosscutting machine, which is a kind of cross-cutting equipment connected with a computer system and controlled by a computer. The operation of the tool shaft can be controlled by the computer. You can set the length of the cut, determine the cutting direction, etc. There are two knife types for computer-controlled crosscutting machines, screw knives and straight knives. The spiral knife cross cutter is suitable for cutting thick cardboard, this knife cuts smoothly and the blade lasts a long time. The computer-controlled cross cutting machine is highly accurate, easy to operate and inexpensive, so it is very popular.


3. Development of SHI KAI NIU cross cutting machine for wood




At present, most of the cross-cutting machines are controlled by computers, and computer control is also required. With the continuous development of technology, digital crosscutting machines are showing their prominence. In recent years, in many printing equipment exhibitions, many digital crosscutting machines with high maturity have become more and more visible. In the future, the combination of digital crosscutting machine and other printing equipment deserves special attention.




The traditional cross cutting machine for wood is that when other devices are connected, they are all connected with the same brand of equipment, which is both troublesome and complicated. At present, different brands can be connected arbitrarily, and the future development strategy is to connect and match different devices of different brands at will.




The manufacturer’s favorite thing is to pursue the highest production output with the least human and material resources. In today’s increasingly highly automated days, people are constantly improving the number of cross cutting machines for wood, continually pursuing the goal of highly automated equipment, and getting closer to the ideal of uncrewed operation.

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4.How to use the cross cutting machine for wood

1)Before the cross cutting machine for wood equipment is put into work, check whether each working position is adjusted correctly. Lubricating parts need to be lubricated, and lubricating grease should be added in advance. Check if the knife is sharp.

2)After everything is normal, you can run empty first, check if there are any abnormalities, and enter the order you want to process in advance for computer scheduling inspection.

3)After the equipment is put into work, the best working condition of the equipment should be adjusted in time according to the production situation to ensure that the slitting machine has moderate indentation, no burrs, and proper trimming positions both sides.

4)Ensure that the crosscutting machine feeds and discharges paper smoothly, and the cutting length is accurate. The operation of the crosscutting machine connected with production management also needs to be monitored from time to time to prevent paper jamming and defective products.

5)After the work is completed, clean up the dust and paper scraps on the equipment in time, inspect the cutter and grinding wheel, drain the high oil moisture level and the accumulated water in the air reservoir, and check whether there are any abnormalities in the running parts.

6)Cut off the power according to the operational requirements of the cross cutting machine for the wood instruction manual and maintain the computer operating system.

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