Modern mechanized cabinet door panel complete set of production equipment and process flow

Cabinet door production equipment and technology


Relative to the cabinet enterprises that have entered information and intelligent production, most of the solid wood cabinet doors are still in the stage of mechanized production, mainly relying on skilled technical workers to operate machinery and assembly, and the use of digital equipment is insufficient and the degree of information is not high. The main machines used include preferred saw, tenon machine, double end milling and vertical milling, etc. Real wood door plank production technology program is more, frame and core board have different processing technology each.


(1) Main production process of cabinet door frame:

Solid wood plate – truncation – vertical solution – datum plane planing – all around planing – fine cut – tenon – drilling – milling – assembly door core plate – milling contour line – sanding – finishing

(2) Main production process of cabinet door core plate:

Solid wood – truncation – vertical solution – rough planing – plate matching – glue – double-sided planing – fine cutting – milling – sanding – assembly


Intelligent manufacturing transformation is an inevitable trend, but also an important direction of the future development of manufacturing industry. Whether it is the change of population structure, which leads to the continuous increase of labor cost, or the rapid updating of market needs, flexible demand is put forward for factories. Intelligent panel furniture production line must be high efficiency, energy saving and agile response, in order to cope with the change of uncertain external environment.

Fine cutting preferred saw:


Sj-3100 is designed for batch processing and material optimization, whether the whole house custom, door and window enterprises, or Chinese furniture and new Chinese enterprises, as long as you have the requirements of the next fine material, SJ-3100 can become your right-hand man.


The equipment can improve your productivity, efficiency, material yield, quality, cost-saving, automatic production.


Door and window processing center:


Doors and Windows processing center NC-31 is designed for the processing of cabinets, doors and Windows, floors, wallboard and so on, whether the whole house custom, doors and Windows enterprises, or antique processing, NC-31 can solve the problem of your fast shipment.

A: core board, line milling type, wallboard processing, a molding


B: 45°, 90°, 135° frame doors and Windows mortise and mortise structure processing, one molding


C: process line and other special processing

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