Full Decryption Of Door Machining Center

1.Background of the development of a door machining center

With the country’s increasing emphasis on “Made in China” and “environmental protection,” mechanization, standardization, and environmentally friendly production of wooden doors will help develop the wooden door industry. The era of China’s wooden door planer ax saws has gradually become history. The sector’s development must be large wooden door manufacturers with high mechanization, large scale, and factory production.


Door machining center intelligent control system, one-key operation, complete the processing of five sides of the door panel (hinges, door locks, dust strips, door closers, process lines) at one time, without programming, just input the machining size value. This is Shikainiu’s Door Machining Center.


2.Door machining center process

Wooden door production process: material selection → unloading → framing → hot pressing → flattening precision → milling door core board → milling door thread → sticking → door closing → lock hole hinge hole → trial installation → paint → quality inspection → packaging storage → installation

10frame doors and Windows mortise and mortise structure processing

3. Manufacturing process standards for door machining center

1.Door machining center wood drying

The raw material plates (water content of about 60-70%) entering the plant are loaded into the drying kiln for spraying and drying. The material and thickness of the board are different, and the temperature, time, and stability time of spray drying are also different depending on the season. Generally, the steaming time is about 15 minutes, the heating and drying time is about 25-30d, and the moisture content of the dried plate is approximately 10-14%.

Steam for steam injection and heating and drying is provided by the project’s new 4t/h coal-fired steam boiler. According to the technical control requirements of the process during the heating and drying process, the drying kiln drainage window needs to be opened irregularly to discharge the steam in the drying kiln.


  • When rough cutting, increase the length and width by 10mm each; (need to be trimmed).
  •  If combined, indicate the veneer material and tell what kind of door type combination.

3.Door machining center group frame

  •  The four corners are square, and the length and width are increased by 10MM each.
  • The frame width specification is 800-2000MM, the table board is a 6MM medium density board, and the middle is filled with Schorland hollow creative board.
  •  Add lock wood; also can use the lockbox.
  •  If it is a glass door when framing, determine the size and position of the glass.
  • After the skeleton is treated for anti-deformation, the upper press is flattened.
Door and window samples
Door and window samples

4.Door machining center hot pressing process standard.

  1. Before each hot pressing workpiece, the hot press plate and workpiece must be cleaned, confirm no impurities, set the hot pressing temperature and pressure, and put the workpiece slowly.
  2.  The workpieces should be arranged in an orderly manner so that each part is evenly stressed.
  3.  Fill all positions as much as possible with each hot press, and ensure that the thickness of each layer is the same as the cladding material of each layer. The covering materials cannot overlap if they cannot be filled with spare pads of equal thickness to the application workpiece.
  4. To prevent glue drying, each feeding should be completed within two minutes. If it is sure that it is correct and safe, start the machine.
  5. The surface of the workpiece after pressurization should be flat, smooth, non-bumpy, and grainy.
  6. The parquet should be aligned.
  7.  After covering, the wooden door shall not be degummed, transparent, laminated, de-cored, scratched, indented, bumped, misaligned, oiled, and consistent color.

5.Cold pressing process standard for door machining center

  • The cold pressing time should be determined according to the temperature to ensure that the glue layer is cured and the glue is firm.
  • After pressurization, the surface of the formula should be flat, smooth, non-bumpy, and grainy.

6.Refined edge

  •  The cutting error does not exceed 0.2MM cutting standard.
  • Before putting in the workpiece, the pressure plate and the workpiece should be cleaned.
  • The workpiece put in shall not be misplaced, aligned with the core board up and down, and shall not fall apart.
  • Both sides of the door leaf should be tilted 2 degrees, the rest should be sawed straight, and no scratches should be made.

7.Door machining center milling door core board process standard

  1.  When milling the core board of the door, the force of the material is uniform, and there is no collapse.
  2. The appearance is smooth and smooth.
  3. Proportional milling, accurate size, and no collapse.

8.Wood drilling machine, hinge hole

  1.  Pay attention to the opening direction of the door.
  2. Pay attention to the upper and lower ends of the door and do not turn around.
  3. There must be no breakage, scratches, and special molds, and holes can be drilled after the clip is clamped.

9.Trial installation of door machining center

  1.  The door decoration line is tightly connected and must not be separated from the seam.
  2.  The door leaf is tightly fitted with the door cover, flat, and must not leave the seam.
  3. The door leaf must not shake with a gap.

Miter door machine production process

10.Door machining center paint

  1. Before polishing, the white blank needs to be inspected, and the degumming, bubbling, scratching, and missing products are not processed.
  2.  The white billet needs to be polished smooth, and the nail eyes and gaps need to be filled.
  3. The primer should be evenly sprayed, checked for degumming and bubbling, and polished after drying.
  4. When spraying the topcoat, there must be no particles, sagging, peeling, and luster to meet customer requirements.

11.Door machining center packing

  •  Carefully check the door leaf door cover is not complete, whether the quality is qualified, all unqualified products must not be packed out of the factory, wrong color and color leakage are strictly prohibited, and the product should be taken lightly.
  •  Before packaging, the glue marks and impurities on the working surface should be removed, wrapped with packaging film, and the four-door corners should be protected with corrugated paper.
  •  Put a label on it and fill in the shipping slip after receiving it.

12.Door machining center installation

  1.  After confirming that the hole and door are correct, set up, correct, glue and fix, and install the door leaf.
  2.  The door cover and the wall are closed with glass glue. More glue should be applied under the door cover to prevent excess water from entering the door cover.

4.About the door machining center

According to the production needs of wooden doors, Shikainiu’s Door Machining Center is constantly improving and improving and settling into today’s door machining center. A door machining center can realize customized production, significantly reduce labor cost, improve production efficiency, ensure production quality, and be used for door panel processing of paint doors, paint-free doors, and other series.

The opening process of wood will lose a lot of wood, and it will have to be dried many times before it can be used, and the moisture will be lost about 13%. When the wooden door is assembled, it also needs to undergo a series of processing, scraping, fine grinding, etc., which consumes a lot of wood.

10frame doors and Windows mortise and mortise structure processing

As a result, the actual utilization rate of a ton of wood is only 30%, or even lower. This requires manufacturers to maintain the wood, improve the stability of the wood twice, and the strength of the wood is high to create a higher quality of wooden doors.

The fineness and refinement of wooden door production and the improvement of production efficiency directly relate to the production and processing equipment of wooden doors, which can be said to be the core of wooden door manufacturing.

Shikainiu’s Door Machining Center is a door machining center with high production efficiency and low cost. Starting from feeding, automatic processing is realized, labor cost is significantly reduced, production efficiency is improved, and the diagonal accuracy of wooden doors is accurately controlled.

The door machining center adopts high-quality accessories, which significantly improves the stability of the operation of the door machining center under the premise of guarantee. Using intelligent software, the error rate is almost zero, considerably reducing human intervention. The rationalized spindle swing allows wooden doors to save time in production and ensure product quality. Reassuring enterprises to produce also makes consumers more assured to buy.


At this stage, wooden door manufacturers have to face the market downturn, personnel management problems, and the surge in production costs. Smart devices replacing labor is an inevitable trend. Huaying Machinery Wooden Door Processing Center solves the issues faced by door enterprises to a large extent, reduces personnel investment, reduces production costs, and improves production efficiency.


Intelligent manufacturing is also inevitable for the future development of enterprises. Enterprises need to grow bigger. Under the current circumstances, wooden door enterprises must be mechanized if they want to develop. Advanced door machining center machinery and equipment can improve production efficiency and save labor costs and increase enterprise profits.


Suppose an enterprise can take the lead in automating, scaling, and standardizing production. In that case, it will undoubtedly grasp the development opportunities of the future market, thus leading the market and even the development of the industry.

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