optimizing cross-cut saw workflow

The user inputs the length and quantity information of the required material into the controller of the optimizing cross-cut saw. The worker only needs to place the raw material on the feeding table, and the sawing equipment will automatically complete the feeding, cutting and discharging of the wood.
The optimizing cross-cut saw comes with one-dimensional cutting optimization software, which can process raw materials according to the maximum utilization rate of raw materials. While the cutting efficiency is improved, the material utilization rate is maximized.
The sawing process does not require manual intervention, and the fully enclosed shield design ensures the personal safety of workers. The optimizing cross-cut saw is the best equipment for material preparation and processing in the furniture, wooden doors and windows, and solid wood flooring industries.

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optimizing cross-cut saw

The optimizing cross-cut saw is a new type of equipment for cutting wood. After each piece of wood is automatically measured, the optimal sawing method

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