The whole process of making wood window machine


With the deepening of energy saving and environmental protection awareness, the popularity of wood window machines has quietly changed the market pattern. Wooden windows have become top products in the international door and window market today due to their impeccable use functions, and no other door and window products can surpass it for decades:


  1. Wood is a natural material suitable for doors and windows. It is environmentally friendly, renewable and degradable.
  2. Wood is extremely machinable and can be processed very delicately.
  3. The natural properties of wood make it very affinity and decorative.
  4. Wood is also the most adaptable and can be well matched with buildings.
  5. Wood has the richest personality and the widest range of colors, which can be selected according to personal preferences.
  6. Wood is insensitive to heat transmission, and the insulation effect is outstanding.
  7. The sound insulation and noise reduction function of wooden windows is unmatched in all types of windows.
Wood drilling machine work shop
Wood drilling machine work shop

2.Wood window machine

To produce high-performance doors and windows, high-performance door and window equipment is indispensable. What machines are made of a complete door and window production line, we must know:

1)Double head cutting saw

Double-head cutting saw is for cutting aluminum alloy profiles, the precision of the saw directly affects the quality of the production of doors and windows, now there are many varieties of double-headed cutting saws in the equipment market, there are manual, digital, and CNC, there are special cutting 45 degrees angle, there are also 45 degree angle can be cut and 90 degree angle can be cut.

2) face milling machine

The end milling machine is mainly used for milling the end face of the atrium of doors and windows. Different equipment models are selected according to the door and window models to be produced. Depending on the equipment model, some can only mill one material at a time, and some can mill multiple materials at the same time

3) sets of angle machines

Angle forming machine, also known as collision angle machine, is mainly used in the production of building doors and windows. It is suitable for all kinds of insulation profiles and super large aluminum alloy doors and windows. But now high-end home improvement doors and windows basically use movable corner codes, so they should be selected according to production needs.


It is mainly used for punching various profile notches of doors and windows. For example: lock holes, fixing holes for movable corner codes, etc. There are manual, pneumatic, electric and other forms.

5)Corner saw

Suitable for corner code cutting in door, window and curtain wall industry, industrial profile cutting, single or automatic continuous operation. This equipment is mainly used for cutting corner codes of building doors and windows. So it’s an optional device.

wood cutting
wood cutting

6)Air compressor

Since many of the door and window equipment are pneumatically designed, air compressors are also indispensable tools.

7)Debugging rack for doors and windows

Regular door and window manufacturers must test and debug after door and window production and assembly are completed, and problems occur and corrected in time.

3.Wood window machine process

Imported advanced production lines provide equipment support, stable processing, high precision and fast speed.

1)four-sided finishing plane

Fine processing equipment, pressure wheel feeding, four fine planers to plane wood, present standard wood, and check the processing accuracy.

2)Door and window milling type

Infrared positioning, CNC operation interface, and wooden frame tensioning make high-precision work simple. The frame fan is connected to the inner type, and the synchronization is completed.

3)Frame forming

Frame glue imported from Germany, with 80bar pressure, ensures lap size and load bearing, and improves the durability of doors and windows.

4)Sash forming

Three tool positions, hardware tape mounting notches, milling wooden windows to ensure that the sash remains durable after installing the accessories.

5) Punching and milling

High-speed and fast milling area, complete molding from wood square to door and window. Precision tools and equipment cooperate to ensure fine machining.

6)sanding of doors and windows

Adopt multi-layer sanding to deal with the problem of wood bulging, solve the problem of microscopic deformation of doors and windows. Perfect wooden window polishing makes water-based paint and wood stable combination.

7)CNC shaped window, sun room CNC milling type

Wood window machine automation equipment to ensure machining accuracy; independent CNC machining CNC, infrared projection milling type, spindle automatic switching of tools, high working efficiency.

Woodworking machinery

8)Spray water-based paint

The paint booth implements dust-free management, automates precise painting equipment, and adopts SIKKEN water-based paint to improve the anti-corrosion ability of wooden windows to various environments.

9)Surface coating protection

For protection during processing and circulation of semi-finished products, the ends are overlapped vertically and horizontally into a 90-degree right angle when the film is laminated, and the edges are burr-free.

10)Hardware installation

Using imported automatic nailing machine, the nailing force is adjusted according to the wood of different hardness, and the nailing force is uniform.

11)Sealant strip installation

From the outside, three windproof and waterproof structures are formed, and the glue corners are seamlessly docked with the straight adhesive strips, reducing the risk of water leakage when the strips turn 90 degrees.

12)Snap connection

The nylon buckle is installed in both directions, 90 degrees screwed, and the wood is well compounded. The wood window machine meets the different expansion ratios of wood and ensures the stability of doors and windows.

13)Vertical debugging

Perform vertical debugging before leaving the warehouse, check the amount of overlap between the sash and the frame; check the tightness of doors and windows.

14)Clean the surface of doors and windows

Ensure that the doors and windows are clean and tidy before the production is packaged from the factory.


In order to promote the innovation of wooden window customization technology and promote its industrial technology upgrading, ShikaNiu introduces popular new products and technologies, and introduces supporting processing equipment, can meet all current door and window product processing needs, whether it is mortise connection standard doors and windows, Chinese style doors and windows, or single-workpiece process semi-tenon connection; whether it is 12mm standard hardware or 4mm hidden hardware, At the same time, it takes into account the requirements of energy-saving doors and windows, narrow frames, variable cross-section, etc. The five-axis CNC machining center introduced by Shikainiu can meet the processing needs, truly achieve one-line, flexible production, with professional design and management software, is a small industrial 4.0 workstation, which not only meets the current market demand, but also lays a solid foundation for enterprises in subsequent product development.

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