Applications of crosscut saw machine

1. Summary

The crosscut saw machine is a fully automatic high-precision instrument. The corrugated board production line has excellent high-temperature performance, and oxidation performance prevents the grease from deteriorating at high temperatures and ensures the long-term regular operation of the lubricated part at high temperature.

The crosscut saw machine is one of the essential stand-alone machines for corrugated board production lines. Due to the different transmission control methods, the crosscut saw machine is divided into mechanical and computer-controlled crosscutting machines.

The crosscut saw the industrial control computer controls machine. According to the set length, the knife shaft is controlled to cut off the cardboard, and the precision transmission of the mechanical part can hold the paper cutting error within ±1mm. Computer-controlled crosscutting machines include spiral knife crosscutting machines and straight knife cross-cutting machines. The screw knife crosscutting machine is more suitable for high-speed thick cardboard cutting, stable paper cutting and long blade life.

Secondly, it is suitable for vertical and horizontal cutting of various paper types. Such as gold and silver jam paper, plain rainbow paper, laser anti-counterfeiting paper, whiteboard paper, and thin paper. It is widely used for horizontal or vertical cutting of trademarks, cigarette labels, wall calendars, wine boxes, poker, paper-plastic printing composites.

mortise and tenon processing work shop
mortise and tenon processing work shop

2. Safety operation rules for crosscut saw machine

  1. Strictly abide by the company’s safety operation rules.
  2. Before starting the crosscut saw machine, check whether there is any foreign matter around the device. If there is any, it must be removed and lubricated at the specified lubrication point according to the maintenance requirements to ensure that the oil circuit is smooth.
  3. Operators should tighten their hair and clothes during working hours to prevent safety accidents from being caught by running machines, and wearing gloves is strictly prohibited.
  4. When the cardboard enters the cutting, it is strictly forbidden to cut multiple layers simultaneously. If the cardboard is stuck in the cutter wheel, the main control box should be activated to turn the button to make the cutter wheel advance. If it is not practical, the power must be turned off immediately to prevent motor damage and stop and clear before working.
  5. No sundries related to work, such as water cups, food, etc., are allowed on each machine.
  6. Operators want to be highly concentrated during their working hours, cooperate before and after, not be allowed to talk to others while working, let alone play and joke.
  7. The machine operator shall operate strictly according to the relevant documents and other operating procedures and shall not leave the post without authorization, let alone boot on behalf of others.
  8. Stick to the post, check production specifications, budget for the total length, find abnormalities, contact the host in time, and produce after troubleshooting problems.
  9. Employees should clean up the garbage around the workshop and the machine when they leave work. When wiping the machine and equipment, they must stop the machine, lubricate the engine for maintenance, and turn off each line’s lights, fans, and power.

3. Crosscut saw machine equipment functions

When using optimized cutting, the crosscut saw machine can automatically select good set specifications and scrap plate specifications for cutting according to the defect position detected by the manual. The cutting information is transmitted to the back conveyor roller through networking.

Generally, there are several ways to optimize:

  1. Optimized cut by grade according to different angles to maximize the best quality glass.
  2. Optimized cutting according to product specifications, cut into large, medium and small glass sizes according to different qualities and stacking conditions in the stacking area.
  3. Optimized cutting according to market conditions can give priority and maximum cutting to the specifications of products urgently needed by the market.
  4. The flower cutting function sets the proportion of several flower cutting specifications and is interlocked with the slitting machine to produce different glass specifications simultaneously. The automation function is linked with the bridge break sensor, which can automatically lift the knife when the glass is broken.
  5. The crosscut saw machine can cut products of certain specifications periodically.
Wood drilling machine work shop
Wood drilling machine work shop

4. SHI KAI NIU crosscut saw machine Equipment Control

  1. Adopting a high-performance and cost-effective Panasonic digital intelligent AC servo drive system with specially developed and long-tested control software has high control accuracy. It achieves a perfect combination of sensitivity and stability.
  2. All parameters can be set on the touch screen, including board length, board width, starting point, a drop-off point, return speed and acceleration and deceleration, manual debugging speed, measuring wheel and diagonal calibration, crosshair control parameters and limit protection settings.
  3. During the automatic cutting process, the knife lift and drop can be operated at any time so that the cutter can skip the broken glass strip, both protecting the edge and avoiding the appearance of long glass strips.
  4. The advanced speed tracking function ensures that the cutter head speed is synchronized with the speed of the glass belt when the knife is dropped. In addition, the design of the crosscutting machine, the selection of materials for manufacturing, processing and the procurement of standard parts should also be strictly controlled. Its supporting equipment, such as slitting machines, transverse interrupters, and edge conveyors, also needs to be improved.
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