What aspects should you look at when choosing a CNC mortise machine?

1. Mortise and mortise structure of CNC mortise machine

Based on the rational use of tenons and rivets, the mortise structure can effectively control the movement of different components in their respective directions through skillful matching of height and low, length and short, more and less, and the structure is more robust and more stable.


2. Introduction of CNC mortise and mortise machine

CNC mortise machine, also called woodworking mortise machine, 45-degree woodworking mortise machine, miter machine, mortise processing center, etc. Mortise and tenon all-in-one machine is a fully CNC miter that can do any combination of mortise and tenon. You can easily input and modify plus parameters through the touch screen to store multiple parameters and easily recall and switch.

Widely used in cabinet doors, wardrobe doors, interior doors, door sets, door buckle lines, picture frames, desktops, doors and windows, and other splicing products.

With the retirement of old skilled workers in factories, new workers are more and more difficult to find; training qualified labor costs are getting higher and higher, traditional processing mode gradually withdrew from the stage of history, CNC equipment emerged, CNC equipment for its high precision, easy operation, high safety factor, good processing consistency, high efficiency won wide praise.


3. How to choose a CNC mortise machine

  1. To judge the quality of a multi-function mortise and mortise machine and CNC mortise machine equipment, first look at how many tenons the equipment can produce. For example, longhorn tenons, raglan tenons, hand tenons, tiger tenons, etc., are often used in the furniture industry. These kinds of commonly used tenons should be able to be opened. The more types of tenons are opened, the more complex the equipment structure is, and the performance can meet various needs.
  2. Judging the quality of the equipment depends on the operation of the equipment and the numerical control system. To meet the needs of ordinary workers in terms of simple learning and simple process, the operation of the equipment interface generally adopts a touch screen with strong intuition, which is more convenient and straightforward.
  3. Depends on its essential accessories, servo motors. Servo motors are domestically produced on the market and imported from abroad. There are also good big brands in China. Generally, it is recommended to use big domestic brands, high-cost performance, good after-sales service, and guaranteed quality. Servo motors imported from abroad are expensive and inconvenient after-sales. Servo motors of small brands are not recommended, although the price is low and the quality cannot be guaranteed.
  4. Take a look at the guide rail. In terms of guide rails, the quality of domestic production is not as good as imported ones. However, the imported precision is high, and the service life is also long and reasonable. If you use domestic ones, although the price is lower, there are more problems in the later stages, and the longer the service life, the worse the accuracy.
  5. Look at the accessories screws of the equipment. The screw plays a role in the operation of the equipment. The movement of the equipment in the up, down, left, and right direction is inseparable from the force transmission of the screw, so the quality of the screw is essential. For important components, try not to think about cost, quality, and repair is troublesome if broken. Generally, it is recommended that the import of screw fittings is reasonable and safe to use.

In summary, to judge the quality of a multifunctional mortise machine and CNC mortise machine, refer to the processing function of the equipment, the CNC system, the main accessories used by the equipment, including servo motors, guide rails, screws, etc.

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