Crosscut saw machine for sawing

1.Development history of crosscut saw machine

The crosscut saw machine is a piece of pre-and post-press equipment for slitting a large roll of paper, film, non-woven fabric, aluminium foil, mica tape, and other thin materials into small rolls of different widths. It is commonly used in papermaking machinery and printing and packaging machinery.

Previously, the magnetic powder clutch speed of the crosscut saw machine could not be high because it was easy to cause high-speed friction of magnetic powder during operation, high temperature, shorten its life, and jam in severe cases, hindering the process of the machine, which brought severe consequences to production.

It seriously affected production efficiency. At present, Shikainiu adopts dual inverter motor control so that the magnetic powder friction is kept at a specific value by inverter motor control when the diameter of the winding material increases. Without the presence of high temperatures.

The traditional control scheme of the crosscut saw machine uses a giant motor to drive the retracting reel shaft, and a magnetic powder clutch is added to the retracting reel. The resistance generated by the magnetic powder clutch is controlled by adjusting the current of the magnetic powder clutch to maintain the tension of the material surface.

The crosscut saw machine is constantly evolving from single motor control to double motor and three motors, making it more stable and efficient under the condition of faster machine speed.

mortise and tenon processing work shop
mortise and tenon processing work shop

2.Introduction of crosscut saw machine

The crosscut saw machine mainly cuts large reel master rolls into products of different widths and can check the quality of the products. Its main features are as follows:

  1. Unwinding photoelectric correction, high precision; the control mode is divided into manual and automatic gear.
  2. There are two ways to rewind: surface and centre winding.
  3. The unwinding tension adopts automatic tension control; the control methods include tension feedback control and taper control.
  4. Two kinds of cutting tools, round knife shear and air knife cutting, reliable quality and easy adjustment.
  5. The surface centre winding is adopted, and the winding quality is uniform and stable.
  6. Automatic stop for fixed length, automatic meter for measurement.
  7. It has a trimming device, and the fan discharges the edge material.
  8. It is suitable for cutting narrow bands (insulation materials, mica strips, films, etc.) of various thin coils.

3.Scope of application of crosscut saw machine

  1. Applicable substrate: mica tape, paper, insulation material, and film cutting
  2. Applicable industries: related industries with various insulation materials, special electrical paper, and films
  3. Applicable process: split plate, finished product inspection, finished product winding, process opening

4.The intelligence of the crosscutting saw machine is reflected in three aspects

  1. Intelligent functions of process experts
  2. Intelligent operation of expert functions
  3. After-sales service expert function.
mortise and tenon machine
mortise and tenon machine

5.Principle of crosscut saw machine

  1. The crosscut saw machine is to cut whole rolls or whole raw materials at a fixed length, such as plastic packaging materials, packaging cartons, steel plates, film, leather, wood chips, etc. and uses fixed-length cutting control.
  2. the cutting length can be set continuously. If there is an error in the actual cutting length, it is easy to calibrate by setting parameters.
  3. The cutting control of the crosscut saw machine is divided into two types: static and dynamic cutting: accurate shutdown when the set length is reached,

Then static slitting processing restarts operation after slitting; when the set length reaches, the slitting signal is sent out continuously, and the slitting machine dynamically cuts and processes during material movement.


6.Operating rules for crosscut saw machine

1)Power on

  • Turn on the electrical disconnector (set in front of the electric control cabinet), press the READY TO RUN button, turn on the MACHINE to the central console, and check whether the voltage (380V) and current are correct and stable.
  • Turn on the hydraulic system power switch (set on the main hydraulic drive frame) and check whether the central hydraulic drive system’s oil level and pressure gauge display are correct and stable.
  • Open the pneumatic shut-off valve (set on the lower intake pipe of the pneumatic control cabinet) and check whether the air pressure is correct and stable.


2)Set controls

  • Set the slitting menu according to the film type, thickness, length, width, etc., arranged in the slitting plan order.
  • Set the winding length and width of the film to the corresponding specification.
  • Select the corresponding winding station, adjust the roller arm and pressure roller, and install the paper core of the related specification.

3)Feeding, film piercing, and bonding

  • Feeding: According to the requirements of the slitting plan order, according to the driving operation rules, according to the actual situation, lift the corresponding master roll on the ageing rack, place it on the crosscut saw machine unwinding rack according to the internal and external direction of the corona surface, and clamp the steel core with the control button, and leave the core support arm and drive.
  • Film piercing: The film must be pierced when there is no film on the crosscut saw machine. Using the crosscut saw machine membrane stacking device and function key, tie one end of the original movie to the piercing chain eye, activate the membrane piercing button so that the film is evenly distributed on each roller along the slitting process.

4)Boot up and run

Change the specifications, put the paper core on the inner and outer rewinding arms, and notify all personnel to leave the machine and prepare for operation when the roller is ready.

5)Slitting control

During the slitting operation, carefully monitor and observe the slitting effect of the process, and properly adjust and control the slitting speed, unwinding tension, contact pressure, arc roller, edge pulling roller, guide edge, etc.


When the machine stops running after the inner and outer ends are wound, use the film removal button to place the film on the prepared film removal trolley, cut the film and paste the film roll with sealing glue.

Make sure all films leave the collet and place them on the trolley, use the film loading button to raise the rewinding arm, install the corresponding paper core, and attach the film neatly to the paper core for the next slitting.


When the film roll runs to the set length, the equipment stops automatically.

whole house customization of panel furniture

7. Considerations

  • 1. Ensure that the voltage, current and hydraulic equivalent values are correct and stable before starting the machine.
  • 2. Before the equipment is ready for operation, all personnel must notify to leave the equipment to ensure personal safety before it can be started.
  • 3. When the crosscut saw machine is in operation, do not touch the running membrane coil or roller core with your hands so as not to get involved and cause personal injury.
  • 4. Do not use knives or complex objects to scratch or cut each roller core during operation.


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