WoodDoor Machine Solves The Pain Points Of Traditional Wooden Door Manufacturing In Many Ways

1.Summary of wood door machine

The object of wood door machine processing is wood. Wood is one of the earliest raw materials discovered and used by humans and is closely related to human habitation, practice, and use. Humans have accumulated rich experience in wood processing in long-term training. The wood door machine is developed through people’s long-term production practices, continuous discovery, continuous exploration, and continuous creation.

2.Development background of wood door machine

Looking at the wooden door industry, the demand and orders of high-end wooden doors are increasing, and the impact of intelligent manufacturing on the competitiveness of the manufacturing industry is expanding. Still, the problems exposed are also becoming more and more prominent.

2.1.From the perspective of the industry

  1.  It is challenging to recruit jobs and relies heavily on labor in the production process.
  2. It is inefficient, and the overall capacity and orders are challenging to balance.
  3. The quality is poor, the quality of the product is not stable enough, and the whole cannot be guaranteed.


Therefore, the industry needs 1. Reduce worker configuration 2. Improve production efficiency 3. Improve product accuracy. In short, it is imperative to go from manual work to mechanized production.

digital manufacturing of solid wood furniture

2.2.From the perspective of the wood door machine market

  1. After consumers place orders, the company’s production process is long and always needs to “wait hard.”
  2. At this stage, wooden doors must have both “face value” and “quality assurance,” and the requirements for wooden doors have been straight up.
  3. Enterprise needs: small door enterprises: how to improve precision and cannibalize the market? Large door enterprises: how to increase production to dominate the market? Complete assembly enterprises: how to achieve batch customization to open up the market?


In summary: The upgrading of consumer demand forced industrial upgrading.


2.3.Start from the factory itself


  1. The matching degree of equipment and the factory is not high, resulting in poor output
  2.  Whether the operation of the equipment is suitable for workers in the factory.
  3. The overall training is complex, the quality is unstable, and the management is not systematic.
  4. Wood door machine requirements:
  •  Automation equipment should solve more production problems and bring more practicality to factories.
  •  Simplify the operation difficulty of equipment, improve automation, and put equipment and workers into production faster. The benefits brought by equipment are more and more extensive.

In summary:If wood door machine automation equipment can be “a little stronger,” it’s not a little stronger!

For this reason, Shikainiu, as a supplier of Door And Window equipment, has been providing different solutions for different wooden door enterprises by combining advanced technology, intelligent equipment, and perfect systems, and genuinely solving wooden door processing problems in all aspects. The future wood door machine industry will develop in the direction of full-line mechanization. Suppose an enterprise can take the lead in automating, scaling, and standardizing production. In that case, it will undoubtedly grasp the development opportunities of the future market, thus leading the market and even the development of the industry.

10frame doors and Windows mortise and mortise structure processing

3.The wood door machine can be divided into multiple functions according to the processing function:

  1. Sawing:The leading equipment is disc saws, also called windmill saws, belt saws, single-blade longitudinal saws, multi-blade saws, push table saws, opening saws, double-headed saws, etc.
  2. Rotary cutting:The leading equipment is a card rotary cutting machine, card-free rotary cutting machine, wood peeling machine, etc.
  3. wood door machine lathe:There are ordinary lathes, profile lathes, back tool lathes, CNC lathes, etc.
  4. Planer:Ordinary planer, oblique planer, automatic planer, etc.
  5. Milling machine:There are vertical shaft milling, vertical milling machine, crane cutter, pneumatic crane, trimming machines, double head milling, combing machine, tenoning machine, CNC engraving machine, etc.
  6. Sanding:There are ordinary belt sanders, vertical belt sanding machines, shock belt sanding machines, heavy-duty sander, primer sander, elevated sander, special-shaped sander, air drum sand, and Chiba wheel sand sponge wheel sand, disc sander, push table sander, etc.
  7. Drilling holes in the wood door machine:There are vertical table drills, horizontal table drills, vertical row drills, horizontal row drills, vertical perforated drills, single row drills, multi-row drills, hinge drills, etc.
  8. Pressure gluing:There are cold press, hot press, pneumatic assembly machine, electric assembly machine, hydraulic assembly machine, slicing machine, glue coating machine, etc.
  9. wood door machine for surface treatment:There are sticker machines, edge banding machines, heat transfer machines, vacuum laminating machines, etc.
  10. Paint coating:There are primer sander, spraying machine, electrostatic spraying machine, roller coater, UV dryer, shower screen, dust removal machine, belt assembly line, paint box, etc.
  11. wood door machine dust removal system:Woodworking workshop dust removal system is mainly divided into stand-alone bag filter, small indoor dust removal equipment, extensive pulse dust removal system, etc.

furniture manufacturing enterprises

4.Requirements for the design of wood door machine parts

  1. Improvement of tools. For example, improving the tooth shape and structure of circular saw blades. The noise level can be reduced by 10 dB (A) when the spiral line lifting angle is 72º using a helical planer blade or segmented cutter body.
  2. Damping measures are used on circular saw blades.
  3.  Improve airflow characteristics. For example… punch holes or comb grooves in the lip of a woodworking planer.
  4.  Adopt the best vacuum cleaner to reduce aerodynamic noise.
  5. Vibration reduction and isolation of components.
  6. Vibration absorption and isolation of the workpiece.
  7.  If conditions permit, reduce the spindle and entry speeds.
  8. Adopt coating layer, sound absorption, sound insulation cover.
  9.  Improve the balance accuracy of circular saw blades, planer shafts, and various rotating bodies.
  10. (To reduce the sound of the circular saw, such as when the depth of the saw blade is not significant, a muffler device such as an iron muffler is used. Spring mufflers made of fluoroplastic are used when the saw edge is deep.
  11.  To reduce the idle noise of the planer, a positioning pad with a small hole is used.


ShikaNIU has been committed to providing high-quality equipment for wood door machine enterprises. The introduction of wood door machine series processing center, whole wood home improvement series processing center, door cover processing center, automatic production line series, has an excellent performance in helping wooden door enterprises improve precision, efficiency, reduce manual use, etc.

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