Optimizing the important role of sawing technology in actual furniture ingredients

In the actual production of furniture, the yield seriously affects the cost. As the first step in the process, the quality of batching technology directly affects the yield and subsequent addition.



How to improve the efficiency in the batching step can be analyzed from the batching method and batching equipment.


Wood  batching method


Traditional ingredients


The traditional batching method of solid wood furniture production has horizontal and vertical methods,  horizontal and horizontal methods,  pre-planning methods,  marking methods, and splicing methods. According to the general operation mode: the production department assigns the production task to the batching group,  and the batching group arranges the production task for each worker or each station according to the task.  This kind of traditional processing process is affected by workers’  experience and technology, its randomness is quite large, and the production is difficult to control.


traditional ingredients

modern ingredients


Modern ingredients

There are mainly two modern batching methods:  one is to use the specification material truncation for large specification parts; The second is to the small size of the material ingredients,  in the plate classification,  and then cut off the subsequent trimming, open finger tenon and other processes.

Only a  few people participate in the production line of preferred batching technology. During the process, the computer in the preferred saw can assist people to complete the work of analysis and optimization statistics,  and independently input, process, and output data,  which greatly improves the production efficiency and processing quality.


wood furniture factory

There is much equipment involved in the batching stage,  mainly according to the needs of the solid wood furniture factory.  The two core equipment in the modern batching process are optimized cross-section saw and optimized multi-saw blade circular saw,  which correspond to the cross-section circular saw and multi-saw blade circular saw in traditional equipment respectively.


Traditional batching equipment characteristics

Multi-blade circular saw machine is mainly used for the vertical solution of materials, although the blade spacing can be adjusted, but the adjustment is time-consuming and laborious and will affect the accuracy,  not easy to statistics, management and subsequent processing, which leads to the use of traditional fixed multi-blade saw cutting,  the average  8%  of wood is wasted.


multi blade circular saw machine

A cross-cutting circular saw machine is mainly used to cross-cutting material, the whole processing process is controlled by manual,  the material rate is unstable and low, production is difficult to control.


cross cutting circular saw machine

Features of modern batching equipment

A cross-cutting circular saw machine is mainly used to cross-cutting material, the whole processing process is controlled by manual,  the material rate is unstable and low, production is difficult to control.

The optimized multi-blade circular saw machine avoids the defect of wood in the most economical way so that the raw material can be used economically and reasonably, and the output rate can be greatly improved.


optimized multi blade circular saw machine


The difference between the optimized cutting saw and the crosscut circular saw is that the optimal optimization scheme is obtained through comparison.  The cutting precision,  processing quality, and processing speed of the optimized cutting saw are better than that of the crosscut circular saw, which improves the efficiency and greatly improves the output rate.


SHIKAINIU cutting saw SJ-260R

shikainiu cutting saw sj 260r


Selected cutting saw SJ-3100, is a choice cutting saw with variable cutting speed and stroke and precise length. Combining optimization, fixed-length cutting, material calculation, and other functions into one piece of equipment, it can be applied to the production and processing of all kinds of linear wood and furniture.

Its capacity can reach 3-6 times of manual cutting saw,  the waste automatically discarded after cutting, optimized function to achieve the highest material rate, greatly improve the production efficiency.

cutting saw sj 3100


After importing data, Skyniu Direct software was used to optimize the BOM list to reduce errors and achieve absolute cutting precision and cutting quality.


skyniu direct software


The application of traditional equipment and preferred equipment will bring completely different effects, of course, also have their own basic conditions.  In modern production mode, in order to fully  implement  the  informatization  of enterprise production and management, the main differences  between  the  two types of equipment are as follows:


  1. Process flow: The difference is mainly reflected in automation.
  2.  flexibility: although the traditional ingredients technology is flexible, manual can not be accurately controlled. Optimized saw batching whole process computer control, provide a variety of batching plans, accurate control, flexible change.
  3. Wood yield: the wood yield in the traditional batching technology is low, and the optimized cross-section saw greatly improves the wood yield.
  4. Production efficiency:  when the production demand changes,   the optimized saw batching technology can respond quickly and adjust to the optimal batching production in time.
  5. Safety degree: the optimized saw batching is easy to operate,  and the safety of personnel and the use and maintenance of equipment are superior to the traditional batching technology.


safety of personnel


maintenance of equipment

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