Take you to know about sofa cutting machine

1.Development background

What do you see first when you enter your home as a guest or visit someone else’s home? The first thing most people should notice is the sofa. Sofa Fabric Laser Cutting Bed Cutting Sofa is the soul of a family that takes on functions such as leisure meetings and affects the style characteristics of the whole living room and even the entire house.


A good sofa can make a good impression at a glance. Therefore, the choice of sofa fabrics and processing methods is very important for sofa manufacturers. In the past, many sofa fabric manufacturers used hand or tool cutting. The technical requirements for the operator are high, and material leveling is difficult and time-consuming. Manual measurement and layout are inefficient, and cropping is prone to errors. The sofa cutting machine was born.


Common sofa fabrics mainly include leather, artificial leather, cotton linen, etc. The sofa cutting machine can be adapted to cut various flexible fabrics. Use computer software to control the cutting path, automatic layout function, improve cloth utilization rate, and prevent material waste. Equipped with an automated feeding system, saving time and labor and is easy to operate. At the same time, the press bar ensures the flatness of the cloth during the feeding process, and the high precision and stability make the sofa fabric more exquisite.


The sofa cutting machine creates the beauty and craftsmanship value of sofa details. Show strength with quality and interpret ingenuity with more information.

From the details to the whole, from taste to experience, the home improvement effect has taken a qualitative leap forward.

Wood drilling machine work shop
Wood drilling machine work shop

2.Features of sofa cutting machine


  1. Reinforced welding bed, imported large gantry precision milling, tempering treatment, and vibration aging to eliminate stress, ensure that the machine tool deformation tolerance is within ± 0.02mm.
  2. Sofa cutting double machine beam asynchronous laser cutting system: it can reasonably allocate two laser heads to mix and cut under the same cutting width, suitable for various sizes and irregular arrangements, effectively improving work efficiency and saving materials.
  3. The gear and rack are double servos driven; the maximum running speed can reach 60m/min.
  4. With independent technical property rights, finite element and dynamic simulation analysis technology, high-strength cast aluminum alloy beam using aeronautical aluminum alloy material, lightweight, good rigidity, and good dynamic performance.
  5. Fully automatic electronic lubrication system, maintenance-free, time-saving, worry-free, and trouble-free, can ensure continuous 24-hour uninterrupted production and operation of the equipment.

3. SHI KAI NIU sofa cutting machine application

Intelligent CAD management software: The intelligent processing software developed for the sofa industry is easy to operate. There are two important functions:

  • Quickly change the piece data according to the size and shape of the custom sofa.
  • Automatic nesting, a full sofa set in 1 minute, saving 5% of fabric for each couch.


1)Automatic continuous cutting:

AMOR CNC cloth cutters are equipped with a precision automatic conveying system, eliminating the need for workers to transport the fabric manually. The accuracy of automatic feeding is important for sofa fabric cutting. Because a set of upholstered sofas requires at least 10 meters of material, and the effective processing length of the sofa cutting machine is 2.5 meters, to achieve continuous cutting of sofa fabrics, it is necessary to ensure the accuracy of material conveying. If the accuracy of the automatic conveying system is poor, the problem of serious cloth waste and low production efficiency will occur.

2)Cutting the sofa requires tools:

  • Round knife: suitable for cutting soft non-metallic materials, the cutting effect is not affected by the material adsorption performance; the motor drives the blade to rotate quickly, forming high-speed rotary cutting. The round knife is made of a ten-edged blade, which is used to cut the air cushion material of the sofa fabric.
  • Rotary punch knife: There are round or V-shaped blades available, mainly used with round cutters to meet the cutting requirements of sofa fabrics.

comprehensive intelligent management of furniture products

4.Advantages of sofa cutting machine

  1. Efficient: It only takes 25 minutes to cut a complete set of upholstered sofas (single fabric).
  2. Intelligent: fully integrate the traditional manual operation mode into the efficient and accurate computerized design, realize digital and graphic design, easy to learn and use, rich in functions and powerful;
  3. Automation: Sofa cutting machine helps you improve the level of informatization and automation management, automatically arrange design patterns, and achieve accurate calculation and control of material costs;
  4. Flexibility: Instead of traditional paper manual development and design proofing, respond to the troubles caused by changes in technicians and other personnel, shorten the corresponding R&D time, and meet the production goals of customers in small batches and multiple styles.

5.Precautions for sofa cutting machine


  1. Sofa cutting machine Before opening the device, the work table must be checked, and non-production objects (such as tools, wooden sticks, irons, etc.) are not allowed to cause harm to the human body.
  2. To prevent it from getting caught in the belt, it is not allowed to stack materials around the sofa cutting machine, especially when there is no material close to the motor.
  3. A special person must operate the cutting machine, and non-professionals are prohibited from using the device.
  4. When the machine is in operation, it is strictly forbidden for anyone to put their hands under the press table.
  5. The cutting machine must be operated by the operator with both hands to start the switch simultaneously, and no other substitute or other tools are allowed to start the button indirectly.
  6. When the machine is stamping, it is not allowed to move or remove the die.
  7. No objects other than molds can be stamped in the machine during work.
  8. When taking or discharging, the worktable should be pulled out of the press table to ensure safety.
  9. When the width of the fabric in production exceeds the width of the cutting tabletop, the fabric must be trimmed or folded to prevent it from getting caught in the belt.
  10. Single rod cutting machine stamping die is within 20x20cm. The stamping die of the double rod load breaker is within 100x50cm. If used outside the range, the machine will be damaged, and the large material needs to be cut electrically.
  11. Thickness requirements of the fabric to be cut: T/C fabric is 50 layers, MS flannel is 12 layers, CVC flannel is 10 layers, coral flannel is 8 layers. Similar fabrics can be used for reference comparison; if the machine exceeds the regulations, it may get stuck and damaged.
  12. Each time you change the new mold plastic board of the sofa cutting machine or materials of different materials, the stroke of the stamping table should be adjusted gradually from small to large to avoid jamming and damaging the engine.
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