Performance characteristics of horizontal circular saw machine


According to processed products, circular saw machines can be divided into metal circular saws and woodworking circular saws. The feeding method is divided into vertical, horizontal, and scissor types. According to the control method, it can be divided into manual, semi-automatic, and fully automatic. And equipped with special material racks according to needs.


The new high-efficiency horizontal circular saw machinery is a conventional machine tool developed and produced by SHI KAI NIU KONG.

The horizontal woodworking band saw machine comprises a saw frame, a parallelogram adjustment device or four screw adjustment devices, a grinding machine, a track, and a lifting bracket.

Wood drilling machine work shop
Wood drilling machine work shop

When the horizontal circular saw machine works, the wood is fixed, and the track is set on the wood smoothly. The sawing machine is installed on the way, and the thickness of the processed wood is adjusted through the parallelogram adjustment device so that the sawing machine cuts the wood along the plane. Not only is it light and labor-saving to process larger and longer timbers, but the quality is also guaranteed.


2.Brief introduction of two-horizontal circular saw machinery

  1. Upper giant wheel: It is composed of steel and cast iron parts. The shaft is equipped with a set of bearing boxes at both ends and is installed on the column rod and the upper wheel support frame.
  2. Upper wheel support frame: cast iron is the main part supporting the upper saw wheel. It has balance levers, jack bars, hanging bars,Sawdust scraper, column cloth seat, column rod, upper saw wheel lifting system, etc.
  3. Column rod: connected to the saw wheel bearing box and a lifting screw under it, which is the main component to support and lift the saw wheel.
  4. Plate base: cast iron, upper saw wheel support frame assembly, lower saw wheel assembly, front thickness adjustment assembly is the worktable when sawing.
  5. Lower saw wheel: cast iron parts, two ends of the spindle have a set of bearing boxes (inside 310 bearings) fastened on the lower wheel bracket, can be adjusted left and right, after hanging the saw blade, the upper saw wheel is driven by the lower saw wheel to form the cutting capacity, the purpose of sawing wood.
  6. Reasonable machine tool design, stable operation, low noise, the large size of sawn timber, installation and debugging suggestions, easy process.


3. Principle of horizontal circular saw machine


Horizontal circular saw machinery is a device for sawing wood using an annular steel band saw blade in a unidirectional continuous motion around two saw wheels. It is mainly composed of a bed, upper and lower or right saw wheels, band saw blade tensioning device, saw blade guide device, worktable, etc.

The horizontal circular saw machinery bed body is made of cast iron or steel plate welded. The saw wheel is divided into a bar saw wheel and a plate-type saw wheel; vertical saws generally have the lower saw wheel as the active wheel and the upper saw wheel as the driven wheel. The cutting speed of band saw blades is usually 30~60m/s. The upper saw wheel lifting device is used for loading and unloading, and adjusting the tightness of the band saw blade; the upper saw wheel tilt device is used to prevent the band saw blade from falling off the saw wheel during sawing.

wood saw machine
wood saw machine

The horizontal circular saw machinery band saw blade tensioning device can give elasticity to the upper saw wheel to ensure the stability of the tensioning of the band saw blade during operation; the old type adopts a spring or lever heavy hammer mechanism, and the new type adopts pneumatic and hydraulic tensioning devices. The guide device, commonly known as the saw card, is used to prevent twisting or swinging of the band saw blade during sawing; the lower saw card is fixed at, the lower end of the bed, and the upper saw card can be adjusted up and down along the vertical slide rail; the saw card structure is roller type and slider type, the slider type is made of hardwood or wear-resistant plastic。

4.Functions and characteristics of horizontal circular saw machine

  1. Horizontal circular saw machinery adopts mechanized equipment to operate fully automatically. Its lifting, walking, and running are all driven by motors. The walking machine is used by a variable frequency speed regulating motor. The walking rate can be flexibly adjusted according to the softness and hardness of the wood during the working process. A digital computer operates the lifting, and the workbench can process wood according to the number of numbers entered. The accuracy of wood processing can be 1 mm. This machine can process thicknesses ranging from 1 cm to 50 cm. It can be adjusted according to your needs.
  2. The main horizontal circular saw machinery machine adopts a 15-55 kW motor, which has stable running performance and power saving.
  3. The horizontal band saw machine has high flatness and is standard for processing wood. And the length of the processed wood is not limited, and the size of the wood can be processed as long as the track is.
  4. The horizontal band saw machine has a high utilization rate at the airport. It can be said that how long trees can be processed by how long tracks are installed. For the use of the site, the horizontal sawing machine does not waste the site at all.
  5. The liter sawing machine is easy to operate and master. It only requires one operator and one loader. The operator uses the device on-site, which is easy to operate and grasp and requires little physical exertion. The loading and unloading worker is responsible for removing the processed wood. The whole job only needs two workers to complete.


5.Safety common sense of using a horizontal circular saw machine

  1. Please protect your safety when operating horizontal circular saw machinery and equipment.
  2. The high-speed circular saw machine is a fully automatic metal cutting machinery and equipment. Please operate it correctly as required. It must be used within the operating range of the equipment design to avoid danger.
  3. Before each use of the equipment, it is necessary to ensure that the safety cover of the circular saw blade is appropriate.
  4. The saw blade must be installed correctly. Otherwise, the life of the saw blade will be shortened and will be severely cracked in sawing.
  5. Before sawing, the high-speed circular saw machine must check whether the clamps of the cut object are firm to ensure the safety of sawing.
cross cut saw
cross cut saw

SHI KAI NIU horizontal circular saw machinery is widely used in the wood industry, with various models. According to the process use, it can be divided into: large band saw, re-slicing band saw and joinery band saw; according to the placement of saw wheels: vertical According to the installation method of the band saw machine: fixed type and mobile type; According to the number of combined sets: ordinary band saw machine and Multi-band saws, etc.


Horizontal circular saw machinery is ideal for processing precious wood such as large mahogany and sandalwood. The automatic band saw adopts advanced equipment such as automatic feeding, automatic discharging, and returning, which is the choice of enterprises to save labor and reduce the labor intensity of workers. The mechanical band saw can see raw materials such as round wood, square wood, semicircle shape, etc., and various special-shaped wood. Moreover, with its advantages of durability, energy saving, environmental protection, labor-saving and material saving, discharge size, and a high degree of automation, it has become an essential wood processing equipment in woodworking machinery. It is widely used in sawmills, shipyards, and mountain timber harvesting yards for mobile processing.

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