Full understanding of cross cut saw machine

1.What is a cross cut saw machine

A cross cut saw machine with CNC programmable sequential cutting plates, ideal for cutting length parts of furniture, joinery, wood frames and floors, or anywhere speed and precision is required. The machine is constructed as a one-piece frame designed to ensure lasting strength and rigidity and is ready for installation with various optional equipment such as feed chains with separation systems, vacuum loading and discharge sorting belts.


The feed system of cross cut saw machine adopts pneumatic lifting, the pusher feeds from right to left, moves on the linear guide rail (rolling circulation system) with lubrication device, adopts brushless servo motor drive, large torque and high precision.

crosscut saw cnc
crosscut saw cnc

The sawing is controlled by the machine CNC, the cutting time is 0.3-2 seconds adjustable, the vertical movement of the saw blade is pneumatic adjustable, and the Ø500mm saw blade is driven by 7.5HP brake motor. To ensure a perfect square cut, a pressure-adjustable pneumatic side alignment arm is installed in front of the saw blade and a pneumatic vertical press equipped with adjustable brake wheels, made of high-resistance rubber mounted at the outlet of the saw, which will ensure that the cutting length accuracy is not exceeded.


2.Working principle of cross cut saw machine


There are two main types of cross cut saw machines: DC motor drive control system and AC servo motor control system. The control system of the cross cut saw machine requires the computer to determine the shearing mode according to the set shear length of the order, the pulse number of the meter wheel and the position of the motor, and calculate the time parameters that need to be controlled and transmitted to the drive system, and the drive system controls the output according to these parameters, and controls the motor to achieve the purpose of automatic shearing.


The cutting speed of the control system of the cross cut saw machine must automatically track the feeding speed of the shearing material. The system detects the incoming and outgoing speed of the material and the length of the cardboard (the number of pulses of the cardboard) in real time, and compensates the shearing speed in the adjustment process to achieve the purpose of accurate shearing.


The main engineering of the cross cut saw machine is very firm, with sufficient rigidity and high stability. The whole machine posture is controlled by servo, and the automatic technology of sawing and palletizing is completed, and labor efficiency is low. The waste elimination organization can be improved, the sawed edge material can be eliminated fully automatically, and the smooth development of the next cutting is ensured. The high-precision wear-resistant slide rail is selected, the sawing precision is only 0.5mm, and the diagonal deviation is only 0.5mm; and the self-contained plate equipment is selected, and the working efficiency is high. The actual effect of dust removal is also very good. The whole machine is centralized in all parts of the machine, and dust can be discharged super strongly.


Appropriate woodworking saw blades are selected according to the standards set by machinery and equipment. However, safety maintenance weapons and equipment, including protective covers, power off brake pedals, overvoltage protection, etc., should be installed and applied by professional technicians during the whole process of actual operation.


3. Characteristics of cross cut saw machine


  1. Save human resources, easy to understand and practical. Small size, light weight and low energy consumption.
  2. Replacing wiring logic with storage logic reduces the external wiring of the control system, and at the same time, maintenance is becoming more and more easy to start.
  3. Fully automatic lifting platform.
  4. Electricity is the life of mechanical equipment. Electrostatic spraying is applied to clean electric control cabinets and fiber laser cutting manufacturing process, greatly improves the service life of electrical appliances, ensures the stability of machinery and equipment, and reduces the failure rate of electrical equipment.

Cross cut saw machine is suitable for sawing “plywood, high-density board, Malacca, three-plywood, woodworking board, solid wood multilayer board, fireproof board, melamine base material, building wood formwork, plastic building formwork, bamboo board, fireproof board, packaging board”, etc.

optimizing cross cut saw 3
optimizing cross cut saw 3

4.Safe operation rules for cross cut saw machine

  1. Strictly abide by the company’s safety operation rules.
  2. Before starting the cross cut saw machine, check whether there is any foreign matter around the machine, if it must be removed, and lubricate it at the specified lubrication point according to the maintenance requirements to ensure smooth oil circuit.
  3. Operators should tighten their hair and clothes during working hours to prevent safety accidents from being caught by running machines, and wearing gloves is strictly prohibited.
  4. When the cardboard enters the cutting, it is strictly forbidden to cut multiple layers at the same time. If the cardboard is stuck in the cutter wheel, the main control box should be activated to turn the button to make the cutter wheel advance. If it is not effective, the power must be turned off immediately to prevent motor damage, and stop and clear before working.
  5. No sundries related to work, such as water cups, food, etc. are allowed on each machine.
  6. Operators want to be highly concentrated in their working hours, cooperate before and after, not allowed to talk to others while working, let alone play and joke.
  7. The operator of the cross cut saw machine should operate in strict accordance with the relevant documents and other operating procedures, and must not leave the post without authorization, let alone start it on behalf of others.
  8. Stick to the post, often check production specifications, budget for the total length, find abnormalities and contact the host in time, and produce after troubleshooting problems.
  9. Employees should clean up the garbage around the workshop and the machine when they leave work. When wiping the machine and equipment, they must stop the machine, lubricate the machine for maintenance, and turn off the lights, fans and power of each line.
optimizing cross cut saw
optimizing cross cut saw

Save money with SHI KAI NIU KONG cross cut saw machine. Increase production by 15% or more, reduce labor by 50% or more, reduce operator skill levels, increase productivity, reduce costs, and provide a safe working environment. The cutting list is automatically optimized and can be programmed on the machine or remotely from the office. If you have questions about which model is best for your specific needs, please contact us.

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