Informatization manufacturing of solid wood furniture, equipment innovation is the key

From ancient times to the present, the materials of traditional Chinese furniture are almost all solid wood, and solid wood has a high status in people’s hearts. As time progresses, solid wood furniture is constantly changing, and manufacturing technology is also rapidly innovating and developing.


solid wood furniture

solid wood furniture overview

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In the beginning, the furniture was handmade, and the craftsmanship was passed down through generations of carpenters. Later, furniture companies basically realized mechanical processing, but with more traditional equipment and low automation. When manufacturing solid wood furniture with more complex shapes or large quantities of products, problems ensue one after another.


handmade furniture

At present, solid wood furniture manufacturing enterprises present high gross profit, low net profit. Facing these severe tests, it is extremely urgent to improve the manufacturing efficiency of solid wood furniture enterprises and build an information manufacturing system suitable for solid wood furniture enterprises.


solid wood furniture enterprises

Information manufacturing system

The so-called information manufacturing system, in simple terms, is to use the information physical system (CPS) in the production of supply, design, manufacturing, sales, service, and other information data, intelligence. Realize real-time connection, mutual recognition, and effective communication between people, equipment, and products. Finally achieve fast, effective, personalized, customized product supply.


The information-based manufacturing of solid wood furniture is an inevitable trend, mainly for the following reasons:

  1. Solid wood furniture into the era of small profits, information manufacturing can improve efficiency, reduce costs, increase the competitive advantage of enterprises;
  2. Relevant policy support. In recent years, the state has given more and more support to the technological transformation of the manufacturing industry;
  3. The market for personalized demand is more and more intense, furniture information manufacturing can more efficiently meet the personalized demand of the market.


As we all know, panel furniture information manufacturing has been more mature, but solid wood manufacturing and its fundamental difference, in comparison, facing a lot of problems.

  1. Unified coding is difficult: compared with panel furniture, the material specifications and material codes of solid wood furniture are more complicated, especially the wood types and grades are more difficult to be unified;
  2. The process is more complex: solid wood furniture product types and structural connection mode is more complex, there are many processes, parts reflux and rework are also many, the lack of connection between single processing technology;

solid wood furniture manufacturing

  1. Experience constraints: solid wood furniture manufacturing is highly dependent on workers, greatly affected by human factors, lack of promotion of information manufacturing, rely on experience manufacturingmanagement.

So how to achieve solid wood furniture information manufacturing? In view of the above problems, Home Furnishings visited many solid wood manufacturing and related equipment enterprises in the industry, and simply summarized the following three points.


1. coding unification

In order to solve the problem of hard definition in solid wood furniture due to the difference of material properties and irregular shape, add the personalized number in the compilation information storage system. For incomplete information processing, manual input is required to ensure a good connection between non-information processing and the information system.


equipment innovatio


2. Key equipment

Key technology and equipment innovation is the basis of solid wood furniture information manufacturing. All kinds of automation equipment are connected together through the information system to realize the information-driven automation processing mode.

Multi-function selective cutting saw automatic detection and feeding of selective cutting saw, to solve the solid wood production of material preparation operations, optimize and fixed-length truncation merge, improve the yield of material, reduce the cost of the material. The device has a wide range of applications, including software home furnishing and custom home furnishing.


SHIKAINIU Selected cutting saw

shikainiu selected cutting saw

Automatic, numerical control, information three-station tenon equipment, to solve the solid wood processing complex, precision, variety, small batch production problems, to achieve complex products, lean production goals.


shikainiu selected cutting saw detail


shikainiu selected cutting saw 2


The equipment is the first CNC + modular dual system in the domestic woodworking machinery industry, which can be connected with the information design software and MES system, processing up to dozens of kinds of tenon and mortise, and modular can be freely matched; Three stations can do the material immovable, the head moving, can improve 40% of the production efficiency, production speed, effective release of labor.


The sample

The above is just a simple list of solid wood processing equipment, on the basis of information manufacturing, but also to enable the equipment to connect to the enterprise’S MES/ERP system, realize the production of data, and be controllable.


3. Improve manufacturing management

The implementation of information manufacturing is inseparable from the participation of employees. It is necessary to let employees fully understand the basic knowledge of information manufacturing, the management concept and mode of information manufacturing, and the cognitive attitude and ability of data, so that they have a better understanding of information and use it.


In general, whether it is a panel or solid wood, the information of furniture manufacturing is an irreversible trend. Each enterprise has different conditions and needs to make feasible plans according to its own actual situation.

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