Looking at the development status and future trend of woodworking machinery from new equipment!

As the basic industry of the furniture industry, woodworking machinery is not easy to go all the way from the original handicraft industry to today’s advanced CNC technology. The development status and future trend of woodworking machinery deserve our attention and discussion.


01 The origin and development of woodworking machinery


The oldest woodworking machine was a bow lathe invented by the ancient Egyptians. Wood was turned manually and cut using hand-held tools.

This ancient method evolved into turning two or three circles of rope around a pulley, placing the rope on an elastic rod bent into an arch, pushing and pulling the bow back and forth to rotate the machined object, thus turning, which is a “bow lathe”.

In 1777, Miller of England invented the circular saw machine, which began to cut wood in a rotary manner, and was widely used in shipyards and other places.

In 1791, the “father of woodworking machine tools” S. Bentham began to invent woodworking equipment such as planing machines, milling machines, milling machines, drilling machines, etc. Their successful development provided the basis for the development of CNC machine tools.

Nowadays, there are about 1,200 woodworking machinery manufacturers in China, about 200 enterprises above scale, nearly 100,000 employees and more than 6,000 engineers and technicians, and can provide about 1,100 kinds of woodworking machinery products in 69 categories.


02 Current situation and trend of woodworking machinery


Nowadays, woodworking machinery has formed a complete product system and industrial chain. Under this trend, woodworking machinery shows the following trends.


02-1 The professional division of equipment is more detailed


Woodworking machinery production is developing from large to all-round specialization. Doors and windows like Shikainiu have an advantage in the Door And Window machinery industry.

Thus, the division of labor in woodworking machinery is clearer, which intensifies competition in more fields, but at the same time makes all aspects of furniture production more professional and in-depth.


Door and window processing center


02-2 The output of the device is shifted to the overall scheme output


Nowadays, a single equipment output can no longer meet the production needs of enterprises. From front-end to back-end plant planning, from equipment islands to production line layout, is the core competitiveness of future woodworking machinery brands.

With the development of all kinds of new woodworking machinery, intelligent furniture production, unmanned production, and the woodworking machinery stage, Suzhou ShiKaIniu woodworking machinery brand has put forward its own integrated solution. The woodworking machinery industry is gradually moving from designing products and designing production lines to a higher level of designing whole plants.


02-3 Customization of furniture requires flexible equipment


The development of woodworking machinery products must adapt to the development trend of customized furniture. The industrial production of custom furniture has made drastic changes in the furniture industry.


The rapid changes in woodworking machinery products in recent years also reflect the need for woodworking machinery to be more flexible and flexible to meet the needs of customized furniture production. Whether a device or a production line can have more flexible, diversified, and smarter performance will become more important.


02-4 Intelligence and numerical control are inevitable trends


With the deep integration of information technology and manufacturing technology, intelligent manufacturing is an inevitable trend in the development of woodworking machinery. Enterprises face huge challenges while also ushered in opportunities for transformation, upgrading, innovation and development.


Furniture production under intelligent manufacturing mainly manifests itself as: non-landing of workpieces in the production process, dynamic transmission of production data, automatic machine recognition, independent call of processing technology to implement processing, automatic sorting, packaging, etc.


03 Case descriptions of several types of typical woodworking machinery


The above introduces the origin and development of woodworking machinery, and sorts out its current status and future trends, which may make people feel too abstract. Next, we will describe several types of woodworking machinery representative equipment to let you feel and grasp the development of furniture production equipment from practical cases.


Large-scale furniture customization was first realized in the production of panel furniture and developed rapidly. The production properties of panel furniture and the intrinsic logic of furniture customization also make the advanced modern production model based on numerical control and informatization first applied in the production of panel furniture.


Although there are not many production links of panel furniture, mainly including opening, edge banding, drilling, sorting and packaging, it requires very advanced and intelligent production management software and hardware under the huge differential production needs of large-scale customization.


The current panel furniture production equipment has been gradually improved in numerical control, flexibility and intelligence, bringing about improvement of production efficiency and product quality.


A woodworking flexible production line is a kind of CNC equipment. In the embodiment of numerical control of panel furniture production equipment, the drilling process and the numerical control of drilling equipment are higher.


Looking at the whole furniture manufacturing process, drilling technology requirements are high, cost investment is large, and the performance of drilling equipment determines the quality of drilling, and only accurate hole positions can produce high-quality furniture.


SUZHOU SHIKAINIU wood drilling machine gives full play to the machining efficiency, higher efficiency, more stable and more flexible. The efficiency exceeds the one-to-two drilling line, which saves space, and can save a lot of input costs.


wood drilling machine
wood drilling machine


In addition to the embodiment of single equipment in terms of numerical control and flexible processability, panel furniture production is characterized by the high intelligence of the production line and even the entire factory operation.


More and more brands can provide panel furniture factories with various needs from design to production, from stores to factories, and from front-end to back-end. They solve production bottlenecks that enterprises worry about, reduce production costs exponentially, and double increase production.

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